We’ve heard this statement over and over again since the pandemic hit. That’s because it’s true.

In order to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, we all need to be responsible for ourselves and our surroundings. That means we protect each other by wearing face coverings, keeping our work areas clean, and staying six feet apart. And, of course that means washing our hands often.

Faculty and staff might be asked to do things like never before, including wiping down doorknobs or emptying garbage cans. Or maybe to wait awhile for facilities to fix non-emergency issues. Patience and understanding will go a long way.

The Purchase College ethos has always embraced a sense of shared community; we pitch in when there’s a need. As we return to campus, let’s put that ethos into action again as we take steps to keep our community healthy.


  • Procedure for Students Entering the State from Abroad Locations, States, or Territories that are Experiencing Recent, Significant, Community-Wide Spread of COVID-19

    Effective screening, strategic testing and surveillance, and appropriate containment are critically important in order to ensure the health and safety of the college community amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The following measures are required for students who are registered for in-person classes on campus:

    Back to Campus Screening

    • Students will be required to complete a questionnaire based on symptom self-reporting.
    • The Purchase College Back to Campus Screening Questionnaire will be emailed to students on 8/6/2020, student response is mandatory. The questionnaire will be reviewed by Health Services staff.
    • It is expected that students will use this tool daily prior to arrival on campus.
    • Daily self-symptom screening will continue once students arrive on campus.

    Precautionary Quarantine for 7 Days at Home for All Students Not on the NYS Travel Advisory List

    • COVID-19 transmission may occur by infected persons who may not exhibit symptoms despite being infected.
    • 7-day precautionary quarantine is designed to allow symptoms and viral levels to become apparent. Research has shown that the median time from exposure to symptom onset is about 4-5 days.
    • The 7-day precautionary quarantine period is an important means to allow a considerable percentage of pre-symptomatic persons to develop symptoms before arriving on campus.
    • If symptoms develop during this period, students must contact their health care providers for evaluation and testing, if appropriate.
    • If COVID-19 testing is done, students must submit documentation of results to Health Services.

    Travel Advisory 14-Day Quarantine

    Students traveling from international areas (per order of Presidential Proclamations) and students traveling to New York from states designated as having a significant degree of community-wide spread of COVID-19 (per order of the NYS Governor’s Executive Order 205) must quarantine for 14 days.

    • For students who have on campus housing, Purchase College will provide quarantine housing and services on campus.
    • Residential students will be expected to arrive on campus on Friday, 8/14/2020 in order to complete the 14-day quarantine before the arrival of other students. The Office of Community Engagement will provide additional information regarding this process via email by July 31.
    • Students may quarantine beginning 8/14/2020 for 14 days at a private location in New York State or in any state not on the travel advisory list. However, it is strongly recommended to quarantine in New York State as the travel advisory designated state list may change daily.
    • A NYS online Traveler Health Form must be completed and a copy of the confirmation forwarded to student health.
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