Spring 2022 Semester Update

We are sharing additional information regarding the spring 2022 semester, to help students and families prepare for the return to campus. In order for the semester to be successful, all students must follow the guidance below.

Semester Start Date

The college has pushed back the start of classes until Monday, January 31.


Any student with a regular on-campus presence, which includes off-campus students attending classes or coming to campus regularly to use campus resources, is now required to have a booster shot by January 31, or within 30 days of becoming eligible for a booster if that date falls after January 31.

According to the CDC and the NYSDOH, the only exclusions for COVID-19 vaccination/booster are being in isolation or quarantine or having received monoclonal antibodies in the past 90 days. If you have been recently infected with COVID-19 and are out of isolation and did not receive monoclonal antibodies, if eligible for your COVID-19 booster, you should receive your COVID-19 booster before coming to campus.

To be eligible to receive a COVID-19 booster shot, it must be five months after completing the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine series, or two months after receiving Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine. Students with a previous college-approved medical or religious exemption will not need to get a booster; however, they must follow the existing weekly testing protocols and other college guidelines.

Residential Students and Boosters

Residential students will not be allowed to move into campus housing without a booster, if eligible. Once eligible they must receive their booster within 30 days. Housing for residential students will be rescinded without refund for students who do not receive the booster vaccine by January 31 or within 30 days of becoming eligible for one.

Providing Proof of the Booster Vaccine

Eligible students will not be able to attend class or move into their residential area until documentation of a booster has been uploaded to the secure Health Services portal.

Upload your documentation now.

Where to Find a Booster

Appointments throughout New York State can be found by visiting the New York State COVID vaccine website, Westchester County Health Department website, and visiting the Vaccine Finder website for more information about vaccine availability.

Pre Arrival Testing and Self-Quarantine

  • All students must obtain a PCR test and receive results within7 days prior to coming to campus. It could be 5 or 6 days if the testing site can guarantee results will be returned prior to coming to campus. If you have had COVID within the last 90 days, you are exempt from testing. Students should not come to campus if they test positive and upload the results to the secure Health Services portal.

  • All students should self-quarantine from the date of their test or 7 days prior to coming to campus if exempted from testing due to having COVID within the last 90 days.

  • If a PCR test is not available in your area, we will accept a rapid test (clinical or home) within 24 hours of arriving on campus.

Housing Move-In

Students must submit documentation of their booster, if eligible, prior to move in.

  • Students living in apartments move in Thursday, January 27. (We recommend testing on January 21.)
  • Residential Hall students move in Friday, January 28. (We recommend testing on January 22.)

Students will be assigned specific move in time slots. Please watch for an email in the coming days for specific details on move in requirements.

Students are allowed one helper.

  • Any person helping a student move in must receive a negative PCR Covid Test within seven days of the move in date/time above.
  • If a PCR can not be obtained, a rapid test can be taken within 24 hours at home or at a testing location. If the test is negative, bring proof of it to campus. If positive, stay home. Students who test positive should alert Health Services as soon as possible.
  • All students and guests must be masked the entire time while in any area on campus.
  • The only campus entrance open will be at Anderson Hill Road. You will be directed to West 1 upon pulling on to campus.

Meal plans begin at lunch on Friday, January 28.

Arrival Testing

  • Residential students must test upon arrival to campus, prior to moving into their housing assignment. The college has arranged free testing on site during move-in days on January 27, January 28, and January 29. Please note that students do not need to make an appointment at the state testing site. Student testing is separate from the testing for the public. Please watch your Purchase email for your specific move in time and where to test.

  • Commuter students can test on campus for free on Wednesday, January 26 at a special location for students. They do not need to make an appointment at the state testing site. Commuter students can also arrange to test off campus, if preferred.

Ongoing Surveillance Testing

  • All students with approved exemptions must test weekly.

  • Students who have received at least 2 doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or 1 dose of the J&J vaccine must test weekly until fully vaccinated (2 weeks after final shot).

  • Random testing of fully vaccinated students will continue. Students who receive notification regarding random surveillance testing must comply.

Mask Mandate

All persons on campus are required to:

  • Have a face covering available at all times and beconsiderate of the health concerns of community members.

  • Cover the nose and mouth with a face covering wheninside campus buildings with the exception of when you are in your assigned residence, alone in your office or while eating / drinking.

  • Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individualsmust wear a mask and maintain six feet social distancing from thoseoutside their residence in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Loop Shuttle

  • From Friday, January 28 through Sunday, January 30 the Loop will run on a limited schedule to White Plains only.

  • On Monday, January 31 the Loop will begin its regular schedule including Port Chester.

New Student Orientation

The college has arranged several orientation events to assist new students. Visit the Orientation webpage to register for the events listed below.

  • On Tuesday, January 18 a virtual Orientation program will be held.
  • On Monday, January 31, new or recently new students can register for in person campus tours.
  • On Saturday, February 5 a luncheon will be held for new or recently new students. A student panel will provide information on campus activities and share their student experience.

Thank you for your patience as we make adjustment to provide a safe and meaningful educational experience for everyone.
Stay healthy and safe.

Spring 2022 Semester Academic Calendar

After many thoughtful conversations about the academic needs of our students and the current COVID case load in our region, we have decided to adjust the academic calendar to begin almost two weeks later than our original start date. Our plan for the spring semester prioritizes in-person learning and the health and safety of our community.The plan will also include a full spring break, which we understand is important for the mental health and wellness of the community.

This plan, which has been approved by SUNY, will hopefully allow us to get past the peak of the current spike of cases. It also gives our community more time to obtain tests, which we know is a challenge right now. As per the Governor’s mandate on booster shots, it also gives students more time to obtain booster shots as they become eligible, as required.

Please note that we are still working on the schedule for move-in and on-campus testing, as well as the schedule for finals and commencement. We will be in touch in the coming days once those days are firm.

All students (residents and commuters) will need to obtain a PCR test and result within 7 days of returning to campus and self-quarantine from that test date until departing for campus.

Adjusted Spring 2022 Calendar

  • Monday, January 31: First day of class
  • Monday, February 21: Presidents’ Day, class in session
  • Spring Break: April 11-15
  • Finals: May 16-20
  • Commencement: TBA

Additional Information for Fully Vaccinated Students, Faculty, and Staff

According to the CDC and the NYSDOH, the only exclusions for COVID-19 vaccination/booster are being in isolation or quarantine or having received monoclonal antibodies in the past 90 days.

If you have been recently infected with COVID-19 and are out of isolation and did not receive monoclonal antibodies, if eligible for your COVID-19 booster, you should receive your COVID-19 booster before coming to campus.​

Persons who are fully vaccinated (two weeks have passed since two doses of Moderna or Pfizer or one dose of J&J) and have had contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 and are asymptomatic:

  • Do not have to quarantine
  • Must get a PCR test five to seven days after the last day of exposure
  • Must wear a mask indoors and outdoors when around other persons until receipt of a negative PCR test
  • Must monitor for COVID-like symptoms for 14 days

Classes do not have to be altered.

qPersons (regardless of vaccination status) experiencing COVID-like symptoms should:

Faculty/staff/off campus students:
  • Do not come to campus and notify Human Resources (employees) or Health Services (students)
  • Get a rapid antigen test, followed by a PCR test if the rapid antigen test is negative
  • Remain at home under precautionary isolation until PCR results are negative
  • Faculty with classes scheduled should pivot to remote delivery or make other arrangements with their chair and director for course coverage until PCR results are negative
Students residing on campus:
  • Do not go to class or leave your room and call Health Services at (914) 251-7925
  • Get a rapid antigen test, followed by a PCR test if the rapid antigen test is negative, at Health Services or Urgent Care off campus
  • Remain under precautionary isolation until PCR results are negative. Health Services and the Quarantine Coordinator will arrange for isolation housing on campus or at student’s home

A close contact is someone with whom you have been within six feet of for a a period of at least 15 minutes within the course of an hour who has tested positive for COVID-19.

The exposure period starts 48 hours prior to the positive person’s onset of symptoms or the date of a positive test, whichever comes first.

Third-party contact is someone who is in close contact with someone who is a close contact of a positive person. Third-party contacts are not subject to quarantine protocol.


Governor Cuomo has announced that SUNY students will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 pending FDA approval, which was announced on August 23. Vaccines are required for all students who live on campus, attend class, or use campus resources. Exceptions are made only for approved medical and religious exemptions.​ Students must have been fully vaccinated by September 27.

If you are fully vaccinated from COVID-19, please upload your vaccination information online with Health Services through your Medical Records Portal.

If you are in the process of being vaccinated (i.e. completed one of two doses), please upload the information of your first vaccine to the Medical Records Portal and complete the Medical Accommodation Form, which lets Health Services know that your vaccine is in progress.Once complete, you will need upload the form to the Medical Records Portal.

This mandate applies only to students. Its implementation follows SUNY guidance set forth by the Chancellor’s office in keeping with the Board of Trustees Resolution.

The CDC and New York State Department of Health have recommended that completing a WHO-approved vaccine series is acceptable as proof of being fully vaccinated.

The current list of WHO-approved vaccines is available online. A vaccine is approved if “Finalized” appears in the column called “Status of Assessment.”

All health information requirements must be presented in English or accompanied by a translation. Students who require the translation of documents can use one of the many translation services available on the internet.

International students should contact the Office for Global Education if the WHO-approved vaccine is not available in their country and to make arrangements for their arrival.

Yes. Experts do not yet know how long you are protected from getting sick again after recovering from COVID-19. Even if you have already recovered from COVID-19, it is possible—although rare—that you could be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 again. Studies have shown that vaccination provides a strong boost of protection in people who have recovered from COVID-19.

Students who have received one vaccine but are not fully immunized must complete the Temporary Medical Accommodations form to move into campus housing.

Students living on campus who have begun the vaccination process and received at least an initial dose will be allowed to move into their residence hall. A grace period may be offered for residential students to become fully vaccinated. Students will be required to wear face coverings, physically distance, and test weekly until they are considered fully vaccinated.

Complete one of the following forms no later than August 6:

  • Exempt unvaccinated students or unvaccinated students will be required to test weekly on campus and will be required to quarantine or isolate if exposed to a positive case. Students who do not test weekly as required may face disciplinary action through the Office of Community Standards.
  • Exempt unvaccinated students and unvaccinated students must wear masks inside campus buildings and maintain social distancing per CDC guidelines.
  • While exempt unvaccinated students or unvaccinated students can attend classes, the college has the right to limit access to some areas of campus as well as some activities or events in order to ensure the health and safety of our unvaccinated and vaccinated students.

We have records for all students who were vaccinated in New York State. If you are a student who was vaccinated in New York City or outside of New York State, please update your medical records with Health Services.

Visit our Vaccination Sites page for information about how to get a vaccine.

Student Activities

We hope to offer more opportunities for students to spend time together by opening up dining locations and student lounges. We hope to open more lounge spaces in the residential areas and the commuter lounge.

We also plan on hosting more in-person events and club meetings at the Stood and elsewhere on campus, both indoors and outdoors.

The college is also looking into revising the visitor policy, allowing students to have a limited amount number of visitors in their residential spaces.

These decisions will depend on the positivity rates and the current health guidelines at the time.

We hope to allow some limited audiences at performances.


  • Exempt unvaccinated students will be required to test weekly on campus and will be required to quarantine or isolate if exposed to a positive case. Students who do not test weekly as required may face disciplinary action through the Office of Community Standards.
  • Must wear masks inside campus buildings and maintain social distancing per CDC guidelines.
  • Purchase College reserves the right to reassign exempted unvaccinated students from their current housing assignment. The purpose of such reassignment would be to avoid placing a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated students in the same room or suite. If possible, reassigned students would be assigned to a space in the same residential community as their current assignment; however, this may not always be possible given that the campus is expected to be at full residential occupancy. An exempted student reassigned to a different residential community and/or room type will be charged the lower of the two housing rates between the two assignments.
  • Unvaccinated individuals with an approved exemption from the vaccination requirement may request to remain in their assigned housing and share a room with their roommates and/or suitemates by gaining written consent from all roommates/suitemates. Once written consent has been acquired in writing from all parties, they should provide these to the Office of Community Engagement at ceg@purchase.edu within five business days of notification that their exemption has been approved.
  • Proof of negative PCR test 5 days prior to arrival on campus
  • It is highly recommended that exempt unvaccinated students self-quarantine or limit their activities 10 days prior to their move in date.

After a deposit is submitted, while still logged onto MyHeliotrope, there are directions on the right hand side of the screen on how to complete the RLA.

There is a button on the top of the housing page that will open up a side bar on the left hand side. This is where the RLA can be found.

After signing the RLA, there is a short questionnaire that must be completed.


Students who are registered for internships, including those in on- and off-campus placements, are expected to comply with vaccination and safety guidance established by those placements.


We had a very safe and successful fall season with adherence to safety protocols in place to help keep our student athletes, coaches, and staff safe. We are working with the NCAA and Skyline Conference to plan for the spring. As of 1/3/22, Skyline Conference has determined that competition will be conducted without fans at least through February 1.

We plan to offer both in-person and remote PE classes to offer opportunities to both students who are on campus and those who will be remote. We’ve moved many of our in-person PE classes to our athletic fields or gymnasiums.

The Fitness Center will be open seven days a week. The basketball court areas will be open when PE classes are not taking place. We have limited the number of people that can be in the fitness center at a time and every 45 minutes, we close down the room to sanitize the equipment to ensure safety for all.

For Faculty

Faculty members should insert the following statement on their syllabus:

Community Health During COVID-19

To ensure that each of us has a healthy and safe learning experience, all students are required to remain informed and follow Purchase College Policy and/or any departmental, local, state, or federal laws, rules, or regulations for attending classes on campus and in a remote learning environment.

Within courses that involve in-person contact, all students, faculty members, staff, and visitors are required to adhere to the expectations outlined on the college’s COVID-19 website. Failure to comply with requirements (e.g. wearing masks, maintaining social distancing where applicable) will result in the request to leave the classroom for that in-person class session. Students may also be referred to the Office of Community Standards.

For the health of our entire community, please be sure to answer the daily health screening questionnaire thoroughly. Do not enter the any campus building if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. Contact your faculty if you need to miss class because of COVID-19 symptoms. The college will address on a case by case basis student absences due to COVID-19 symptoms, while awaiting test results, or during quarantine.