BA Major in Liberal Studies: Legal Studies

By examining the social, political, and historical processes of law, students learn the ethical functions of the legal system and its implementation in society. Required core and elective coursework examines law through the lenses of sociology and political science, enabling students to appreciate the role of the judicial system within the broader social context. This major is also offered at the Rockland Community College extension site.

Academic Requirements
In addition to fulfilling general degree requirements and the Senior Capstone course (AHU 4800 or CSS 4800), students must complete the following requirements for this major:

1. Humanities courses 15 credits
2. Natural sciences courses 15 credits
3. Social sciences courses, including:
CSO 1510/Introduction to Criminal Law and
CSO 1590/Introduction to Civil Law
15 credits
4. Performing and/or visual arts courses 6 credits
5. Upper-level courses:
a. Social sciences courses, including:
    CSO 3065/Legal Research
    and one of the following:
    CPO 3050/American Constitutional Law
    CPO 3185/The Nature and Function of Law
    CSO 3475/Law and the Family
    CSO 3481/Censorship
b. All in humanities courses or
    all in natural sciences courses
12 credits
8 credits
6. Legal studies electives 15 credits
7. General electives
(may include up to 30 non-liberal arts credits)
34 credits
  TOTAL: 120 credits

Please refer to the Overview of Academic Requirements for additional information.

Pre-Law Advisor
Law schools are interested in students with strong liberal arts backgrounds who can (a) think analytically and creatively and (b) communicate their arguments effectively and persuasively. The college’s pre-law academic advisor, usually a member of the political science faculty in the School of Natural and Social Sciences, can suggest specific courses that help pre-law students hone their oral and written communication skills and stimulate meaningful conversations about legal issues. For additional information, please visit the Advising Center at

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