Certificate Program in Early Childhood Development

The certificate program in early childhood development is designed for students who wish to pursue concentrated study in the area of child development and gain practical experience working with young children. Please note that this certificate does not provide teacher licensure. To enhance employment opportunities, students are advised to combine the certificate with an undergraduate degree.

The curriculum consists of four courses (16 credits total). Through this coursework, students are provided with broad exposure to important areas of study in general and child psychology. The practicum offers hands-on experience in working with young children at the Purchase College Children’s Center.

Individual courses may be taken without commitment to the entire program. Day and evening courses are available; however, because the Children’s Center offers daytime child care, PSY 3850 is offered only during the day. Some courses may be offered during summer session, but not every course is offered every year. At least two semesters are required to complete the program.

To earn the certificate, students must be high school graduates and earn a grade of C or higher in certificate courses. Applications for the certificate are available at www.purchase.edu/earlychildhood and may also be obtained from the instructor for PSY 3850 in the Psychology Board of Study or from the School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education.

Course requirements

  1. BPS or PSY 1530/Introduction to Psychology
  2. BPS/PSY 2650/Child Development or
    BPS 3350/Developmental Psychology
  3. PSY 3850/Practicum in Child Development*
  4. One elective in the field of child development, chosen from the following:
    PSY 3170/Theories of Development*
    PSY 3330/Social Development*
    PSY 3345/Cognitive Development*
    PSY 3440/Social Issues in Developmental Psychology*
    PSY 3490/Development of Language*
    PSY 3725/Developmental Psychopathology*
    PSY 3845/Gender Development*
    PSY 3855/Seminar in Early Childhood Development*

*These courses, offered by the psychology faculty in the School of Natural and Social Sciences, have prerequisites. For descriptions of courses with PSY prefixes, please refer to the Psychology section (School of Natural and Social Sciences).

For descriptions of courses with BPS prefixes, please refer to Natural Sciences Courses in this section.

For more information, please contact:

Peggy DeCooke, Associate Professor of Psychology
(914) 251-6658
The faculty coordinator is subject to change during 2013–2015.

For updates during 2013–2015, please visit www.purchase.edu/

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