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Graduate Dance Courses: DPD 5000–5999

Documenting Dance: A Video Production Guide for Choreographers
DPD 5070
/ 2 credits / Every semester
In the first semester, students learn the basic tools of video production and how they apply to archiving, grant proposals, and promotional materials. The second semester is devoted to creating dances for the camera and the application of nonfiction filmmaking techniques to documentation of the choreographic process.

Music Seminar I, II, III
DPD 5120, 5220, 5320
/ 1 credit (per semester)
I, III: Fall; II: Spring
Tailored to the student’s background and future goals, these seminars intensely integrate the student’s application and understanding of music with his or her choreography or performance and teaching.

Studio Pedagogy I, II, III
DPD 5125, 5225, 5230
/ 2 credits (per semester)
I, III: Fall; II: Spring
Through a combined format of seminar and practical application, students study pedagogy of dance technique and teach technique classes in their field of experience to both dancers and nondancers.

Composition Pedagogy I and II
DPD 5145
and 5245 / 1 credit (per semester)
I: Fall; II: Spring
Students monitor and observe as master teachers deliver the composition curriculum to BFA students, followed by a practical application in the students’ own choreography of the principles learned in those classes. Students also create their own syllabi for college-level composition classes.

Composition Pedagogy III and IV
DPD 5345
and 5445 / 1 credit (per semester)
III: Fall; IV: Spring
The master-apprentice tradition continues while the students develop their own syllabi and course proposals for college-level choreography classes.
Prerequisite: DPD 5245 (for DPD 5345) and 5345 (for DPD 5445)

Student/Teacher Practicum
DPD 5450
(Fall) and 5455 (Spring)
2 credits (per semester) / Every year
Students apply and are selected to be mentored in teaching ballet or modern technique classes for students in other disciplines.

Shared Student/Teacher Practicum
DPD 5460
(Fall) and 5465 (Spring)
1 credit (per semester) / Every year
Students apply and are selected to be mentored in teaching ballet and modern technique classes with another person for students in other disciplines.

Repertory and Rehearsal I and II (Performance/Teaching Track)
DPD 5510 and 5610 / 1 credit (per semester)
I: Fall; II: Spring
Students learn, develop, rehearse, and prepare a performance of repertory. Classic and contemporary choreographers’ works are researched and presented with historical background and inherent stylistic differences. Repertory selections vary according to the student’s experience and interests.

Graduate Dance Technique
DPD 5800
(Fall) and 5820 (Spring)
1–6 credits (per semester) / Every year
The goal of these courses is to expand the student’s movement vocabulary while strengthening and refining the choreographic ability to choose materials that artistically and aesthetically express the student’s creative and performing perspectives.

Repertory and Rehearsal III and IV
DPD 5810
and 5815 / 1 credit (per semester)
III: Fall; IV: Spring
A fully produced concert in the Dance Theatre Lab, shared with other MFA candidates in the same class. One performance piece must be classical and one must be contemporary.

Independent Study
DPD 5900
/ Variable credits / Every semester
Designed by each student with the MFA director and advisor to implement the student’s training and enable the student to pursue specific curricular interests.

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