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School of Art+Design:
Laptop Policy for Incoming Undergraduate Students

In the School of Art+Design, all incoming undergraduate students must have a functional laptop (two years old or newer) with the newest version of the Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection installed and ready to open. While Windows or other operating systems may be used, a student’s optimal learning experience will be with the Mac OS because of its integration with the School of Art+Design’s computer labs and faculty Mac OS laptops. Recommended specifications and links to educational pricing are available at www.purchase.edu/Departments/AcademicPrograms/Arts/artdesign/laptoprequirement.aspx.

This laptop and software are the property of the student, who is expected to maintain them throughout his or her years in the program. The college will not maintain, repair, support, or replace these items. Therefore, AppleCare warranty protection is recommended. There is an Apple store very close to the campus that will provide service for machines under warranty.

It is also recommended that students extend homeowners or renters insurance to cover the laptop and other valuables while at college or purchase a separate policy for these items. This type of insurance can cover theft and other unforeseen circumstances. The Purchase College Association can assist students with separate insurance plans for these items at a very nominal rate.

For additional information and updates during 2013–2015, please visit www.purchase.edu/Departments/AcademicPrograms/Arts/artdesign/laptoprequirement.aspx.

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