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The Visual Arts BS Program

Distinct from the professional BFA programs, the BS major in visual arts provides an overview of contemporary art-based research methods and cultural theories, art history, and studio practice in a broad liberal arts context designed to introduce students to analytic and critical thinking.

The BS program combines courses in studio foundation, studio electives, art history, and art theory. Students can choose from other art electives offered by the School of Art+Design, as long as they have taken the prerequisite courses. Twenty-six credits of electives outside the visual arts make it possible for students to complete a minor in the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, or performing arts. This freedom offers students access to the full range of programs at Purchase College.

The Neuberger Museum of Art and Performing Arts Center on campus serve as active resources and integral components of the curriculum. Study abroad programs may provide enrichment and global perspectives to the course of study. Internships may also provide a practical connection between academic studies and potential career paths.

Academically engaged, visually perceptive, and skillful students who wish to pursue this course of study will be admitted by portfolio review. Upon completion of the program, students may pursue careers in such cultural organizations as museums, galleries and nonprofit organizations; art journalism and publishing, marketing and advertising; and other professions that require creative problem solving and inventive solutions. Graduates of this BS program will also be prepared to continue study in graduate and professional programs.

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