Grade of Incomplete: Procedure for Receiving

To be eligible for an grade of incomplete (I), students must meet the following guidelines:

  1. To receive a grade of incomplete (I), a student must request this grade from the instructor. Students on academic probation are not eligible for incomplete grades.
  2. The instructor determines if a grade of incomplete (I) is appropriate. Criteria for this determination include previous work completed, seriousness of the student, and factors not in the student’s control (i.e., illness, death in family, etc.). If an incomplete is granted, the instructor determines the date for the work to be completed (no longer than four weeks) and files the grade of incomplete (I) online.
  3. If a revised grade is not submitted, the registrar will change the grade to an F.
  4. If truly extenuating circumstances exist, an extension of an incomplete is possible with the approval of the student’s associate dean (or the executive director of academic programs, for courses in the School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education). An “Extension of Incomplete” form must be used.
  5. Changes of grade other than the change of an incomplete (I) must be processed through the normal academic channels via the “Change of Grade” form.

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