The Counseling Center provides

Emergency response and short term individual counseling, group counseling, consultations, and referrals for long term care in the area for mental health or personal needs, as well as Campus Advocacy Services, outreach, and educational programming. Review our Scope of Practice for details.

After hours

In the event that you or someone you know is experiencing an emergency (e.g., appears to be a threat to themselves or others), please contact the New York State University Police  (NYSUP) at (914) 251-6911. If appropriate, NYSUP will connect you to one of our staff members, who will take steps to assist you in resolving the crisis.


  • Apr 25
    Series of hands being held. Keep Calm and Connect, Calm CEnnection with Joe. Want increased peace and ease?

    Calm Connection Drop-in Group

    Time:  4:00pm
    Learn mindfulness techniques to help connect with yourself and others - even in difficult situations.
  • Apr 26
    Drop-in group. Have a passion for writing? Learn how to utilize poetry, music, and art to develop self-confidence, improve...

    Finding My Voice with Akeera

    Time:  4:00pm
    Drop-in to learn how to utilize poetry, music, and art to develop self-confidence, improve communication skills, and address identity related issues. All students are welcome to attend.