Auditions are required part of the admissions review for all music, dance, and acting programs as well as scholarship consideration.

Acting Deadlines and Requirements

     Deadline extended to January 30th, 2018
    Early Action: Not Available
    Spring: Not Available

  • Application Requirements:

    Admission Decisions

    Students are notified of decisions on or around March 15. If you are offered admission, you will need to accept our offer in writing, and you will be required to submit enrollment and housing deposits by May.

Audition Dates

New York City:
Ripley Grier Studios
520 8th Ave
New York , NY 10018 (between 36 & 37)

Chicago, IL:
Hyatt Regency
151 East Wacker Dr.

Los Angeles, CA:
Sheraton Gateway
6101 West Century Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045


Audition Requirements

Online audition registration for the BFA Acting program will open October 2017 in our SlideRoom portal. To register for an audition you must first submit an application to the college for the BFA Acting program. Only applicants to the college for the BFA Acting program will be able to register for an audition. Applicants will be emailed the audition registration instructions. The non-refundable audition fee of $50.00, plus the $5.00 SlideRoom submission fee must be submitted online at the time of your audition submissions. 

Please do not call the Conservatory to schedule an audition. All auditions are scheduled online.

Admission to the BFA Acting program is highly competitive and is based on a required audition process with the Acting Faculty and a review of the students overall application by Admissions. Only exceptionally talented actors who can demonstrate talent, creativity and commitment will be offered admission.

Prepare two monologues

Your two monologues should be approximately two minutes each and in contrasting styles (i.e. one dramatic and one comedic). One monologue must be classical and the other contemporary. Classical monologues should be Elizabethan (i.e. Shakespearean), Chekhovian, or Greek, and should have been written before 1900. Choose material that you connect with, that you like and that shows you to your advantage. A small assortment of chairs will be provided.

Prepare a song

Be prepared to sing 16 bars of a song in any genre, preferably a capella. If you choose to sing along with music you must provide your own music and player (e.g. CD, iPod) — and be sure to test it thoroughly to avoid surprises at your audition.

Time yourself beforehand

Total audition time must not exceed five minutes. Time yourself carefully so that you will be able to finish within the time limit without feeling pressured. Memorize the material and prepare it thoroughly so that you will feel confident about your work.


Choose audition clothing that is suitable for presenting the characters, but do not attempt costumes. Your clothing should allow freedom of movement.

All students are required to submit the following for the Acting audition.

Picture and Resume

A snapshot will do if you do not have an 8 x 10 headshot. Be sure that your name, address, telephone number(s) and date of audition are included on your resume. Your resume should include a complete list of theatrical activities.


What event or circumstance in your life awakened you to the understanding that being an artist/actor was what you needed to do with your life?


You do NOT need to bring printed copies of your transcript or letters of recommendation to your audition.

Acting Program National Audition Tour Dates

All off-campus auditions take place in conjunction with the Consortium of Conservatory Theatre Training Programs, of which Purchase is a member. However, each member school requires a separate application as well as separate audition and you must request your own individual audition for Purchase College.

Still have questions?

Visit the Acting BFA program site to find out more.

For additional information about the Acting BFA program visit Conservatory of Theatre Arts.

Dance: Deadlines and Requirements

      February 15, 2018
      Early Action: Not Available
      Spring: Not Available

Audition Requirements

Online audition registration for the BFA Dance program will open October 2018 in our SlideRoom portal.  To register for an audition you must first submit an application to the college for the BFA Dance program. Only applicants to the college for the BFA Dance program will be able to register for an audition. Applicants will be emailed the audition registration instructions. The non-refundable audition fee of $60.00 plus the $5.00 SlideRoom submission fee must be submitted online at the time of your audition submissions.

Please do not call the conservatory to schedule an audition. All auditions are scheduled online.

Admission to the Conservatory of Dance is highly competitive. Acceptance  is based primarily on your dance audition, demonstrating:

Prior training and the ability to demonstrate advanced knowledge of modern and/or classical ballet techniques

  • Talent and potential as a performer
  • Musicality
  • Good physical proportions in a healthy body that is injury free

The dance audition consists of a ballet class and modern combinations in the center and across the floor. You might be asked to improvise. Following class, the audition panel will call back the dancers who will present their solos in the afternoon. The faculty will conduct a short interview following the audition. The schedule is adhered to as much as possible; however, the number of people in any given audition, the weather, or other extenuating circumstances may cause changes. Please plan to spend a full day at Purchase College.

Solo Performance

Each dancer should be prepared to present a 90-second solo performance in classical ballet, contemporary ballet or modern dance. We would like to see you in a work that shows you at your best. Note the following carefully, as no exceptions will be made:

  • Your music should be on CD (with your name clearly printed on the label) or an iPod.
  • Choreography may be by you or another person.
  • If your dance exceeds 90 seconds, you will be asked to stop. We are primarily interested in your performance and movement ability.
  • Be prepared to introduce your dance: title, choreographer, composer and any additional information you wish us to know.
  • The audition studio has a marley floor.
  • No costumes are permitted.

Dance Information Requirements All dancers are required to submit the following items for the audition. DO NOT MAIL THESE MATERIALS TO THE CONSERVATORY.

  • Dance Resume
  • One (1) Artistic Letter of Recommendation
  • Dance Photo (a 8 x 10 full body shot in leotard and tights in first arabesque is preferred)
  • A copy of the essay you submitted with your Common Application or SUNY Application to the college.  

Audition Dates

On Campus

Sample On-Campus Audition Schedule

Registration: Complete the audition form, submit your resume, letter of recommendation, essay and photo and receive you audition number
Parents meet with the Director of Dance/Auditionees warm up
Dance Auditions
Lunch Break / List of requested solo performances posted
Solo auditions, presented in order of registration, followed by an interview

Dance applicants are invited to attend the BFA Dance Senior Project Performances in the Dance Theatre Lab at 8:00pm on the evening of your audition. Dancers may sign-up for two (2) complimentary tickets when registering in the morning.

Off Campus

Chicago, IL:
Chicago Academy for the Arts
1010 W Chicago Ave,
Chicago, IL 60642

Los Angeles, CA:
Los Angeles County High School for the Arts

Dance Class Audition Video Online Submission

(Only students outside continental U.S.)*

Only candidates living outside the continental United States may submit a Class Audition Video online rather than audition in person. This includes Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. Your Class Audition Video must be received in SlideRoom by March 3, 2019.

The Class Audition Video should include:

Introduction: State your name, dance training, and information about your solo: title, composer, choreographer and any additional information you want us to know. Tell us why you are interested in attending the Purchase College Conservatory of Dance.

Ballet Class: Present barre work, center work (adagio, allegro and pirouette combinations) and across the floor combinations. You do not need to repeat exercises on both sides.

Modern Class: Present warm up exercises, center work including back work, and across the floor combinations.

Solo: 90 seconds maximum.

Mock schedule for the day:

  • 3:00-4:00pm– Registration
  • 4:00-6:30pm - Audition Class: Ballet and Modern techniques
  • 6:30-8:00 - Solo presentations: 90-seconds, your music on ipod or CD

If you reside outside the continental United States, you can submit a digital video file or link to your Audition Class Video on YouTube or Vimeo and pay the non-refundable audition fee of $60.00 plus the $5.00 SlideRoom submission when you submit your audition materials and fees in SlideRoom.

Injury Policy: If you get injured prior to your scheduled audition date, you may reschedule your audition for a later date. If your recovery period exceeds the final scheduled audition date (March 3, 2018) you may be granted an extension by request. Please contact the Conservatory of Dance in either case.

For additional information about the Dance BFA program visit the Conservatory of Dance.

Music: Deadlines and Requirements

      Fall: January 8, 2018
      Early Action: Not Available
      Spring: October 15, 2017

All Music programs are accepting applications and auditions for Spring and Fall admission.
Spring 2018 applicants: Submit pre-screening audition online by October 15, 2017.
Fall 2018 Applicants: Submit pre-screening audition online by January 1, 2018.

All applicants must submit a pre-screening audition recording in SlideRoom* along with the non-refundable $57 audition fee plus the $5 SlideRoom fee for a total of $62
. Applicants can upload sound files (mp3), video (mov) and/or any required documents (pdf).You may choose to submit your audition in either a video (mov) or sound (mp3) format, but please choose one or the other. For information about acceptable media files and sizes please go to File Sizes and Types in SlideRoom. 

OPTIONAL: If you wish, you may also submit up to two (2) letters of recommendation from music teachers. Slideroom allows you to submit email contact information for your teachers and Slideroom will email your teachers to submit recommendations online.

Please follow the submission instructions carefully for your particular program(s) of choice in SlideRoom. If you wish to audition for more than one program, you must submit a separate pre-screening audition and fee for each program.

Please DO NOT mail in an audition CD or DVD. CD and DVD auditions mailed to Admissions or the Conservatory of Music will be discarded and your application may withdrawn from consideration.

Pre- Screening Auditions Requirements

Live Auditions: By Invitation Only

Spring applicants will be notified of results of pre-screening auditions by November 1, 2017.
Fall applicants will be notified of results of pre-screening auditions by February 5, 2018.
Students selected for live auditions will be notified by email directly from the Conservatory of Music and will be assigned a live audition date at that time.

All live auditions take place in the Music Building on campus. In order to qualify for a live audition, all applicants must first apply for admission to Purchase College and submit all pre-screening materials and the audition fee in SlideRoom. Only student who pass the pre-screening audition will be called back for a live audition. Students who do not pass the pre-screening audition will not be eligible for admission to the Conservatory.

Live Audition Requirements

Audition requirements are listed in each music program in SlideRoom. You can also visit the Undergraduate Audition Requirements page for both the pre-screening audition requirements and live audition requirements for your chosen program/instrument.

For additional information about the Music MusB program visit the Conservatory of Music.

Live Audition Dates


Classical Composition:

Classical Guitar:


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  • Trombone:
  • Saxophone:
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  • Violin:
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  • Bass:

Studio Composition: