Grades 5–8

Location: Visual Arts Bldg., Room 1021

Become a Young Architect! Develop your own ideas, floor plans, and other architectural drawings, and build a model of your own dream structure. Using the Purchase College campus—with its varied contemporary examples of architecture and landscape—as inspiration, learn drawing techniques and varied ways of showing perspective. Create architectural drawings during the first week in order to build a model of your dream structure during the second week. Work on your own unique building design and display your drawings and models for family and friends.

Typical Day

Each day will begin with a discussion of an architectural style (traditional through modern) to get ideas flowing.  Afterwards, the young architects will explore the campus’s own architecture and sketch on-site with a variety of artistic media. A Studio Work Session will follow – each day will build upon the previous day’s materials and techniques.  There will be a 45-minute lunch break that includes time for outdoor play! After lunch, the young architects will delve into the computerized side of the architecture field with a daily hands-on session in AutoCAD. A second Studio Work Session will follow during which the young architects will use their knowledge and skills to create their dream structure!

Session Descriptions: Discussion of Architectural Styles

During this session, young architects will be presented with examples (photographs, sketches, and architectural drawings) of architectural styles from the past as well as modern building styles. A different style will be covered each day. This session will inspire ideas and open discussion, as well as educate the young architects in the history of architecture.

On-Site Sketching Around Campus

Each morning, we will explore a different part of campus to look at interior and exterior spaces. The young architects will be guided in using different sketching techniques as well as a variety of artistic media (pencil, charcoal, color pencil, and pen techniques). A small group “critique” at the end of each on-site sketching session will provide a time for sharing ideas among peers.

The Technology of Architecture: AutoCAD

Young architects will be guided through the use of AutoCAD in daily 30-minute sessions. The course is an introduction to the basic components of the software. Students will leave the program with the knowledge of creating basic floor plans with walls, door, and windows.

Studio Work Sessions

Both morning and afternoon session will provide a solid block of time for the young architects to begin formulating their ideas for a structure of their dreams. The earlier sessions will be spent brainstorming in small groups and individually, as well as drawing and trying out the architectural tools and techniques that are presented. Towards the end of the first week, the young architects will have a drawing of their dream structure that they will use to begin building a model during the second week. The young architects will work individually on their own projects while being supported by both teachers and their fellow young architects—ideas will flow with excitement from one workspace to another during these sessions!

Session II: July 15–26
Monday–Friday, 9:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
$1,200 for the first registration
$1,080 for the second registration in the family, Purchase College employees and alumni, and early registrations (received by May 10, 2019)

For a well-rounded summer, combine this program with Young Artists, Young Photographers, eSports Apprentice - YouTube© Streamers and Gamers, Battle Royale: Make Your First Fortnite® Style Video Game, Young Filmmakers, Young Writers, and/or Web App Creator and Python Programmer to maximize your creative experience.

Discount for enrolling in multiple programs.

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