Sample Capstone Courses

Thinking Visually

Two simple yet powerful questions—What do you want to say? And is that best expressed in pictures, words, or both?—form the basis of this course. You will acquire real-world skills across a variety of social, digital, and analog media that will hone your ability to effectively present imagery and text. This course is for students who are pursuing careers in communications, publishing, art history, visual art, and photography/film. It culminates in a final paper or an annotated visual project.

The syllabus is a working draft; we are including it so that you can learn more about the way the course will be structured, the major assignments, as well as due dates. As with all syllabi, the final version will be presented on the first day of class by the instructor. If you have more questions about how your ideas for a final capstone project might suitably fit a particular course, please consult directly with the instructor.

Documenting NY Landmarks

Study New York landmarks and culture like a pro: Grand Central Terminal, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, the Met, the Statue of Liberty, Chinatown, etc. Learn about the history, the architects, the mavericks, and the politics that produced our great city. Students research and present a tour (oral and written) for their final grade. Our curriculum is based on the Department of Consumer Affairs NYC Tour Guide exam questions and answers. Therefore, this course will also prepare you for the exam, if you choose to take it on your own.