Julie Dolphin holds an MA from Columbia University. Currently an adjunct faculty member at Manhattanville College, Julie has also taught TOEFL Preparation, Vocabulary Development, and other courses for non-native English speakers. Along with her teaching experience, Julie is a singer and commissioned composer. Proficient in five languages, Julie’s love of the spoken and written word, interest in world cultures, and enthusiasm for sharing knowledge translates into a lively classroom of engaged students.  



Olga Seham holds an MPS in TESOL from Manhattanville College and a BA in English from Yale. She teaches English as an Additional Language courses in the School of Humanities at Purchase College. Olga has been a book editor for 30 years, first at Random House and currently as a freelancer. She brings to the classroom a great love of the English language and a talent for helping others to express themselves in it.                     



Angie Hessbruegge holds a BA from Tufts University and a master’s degree in applied linguistics/ English language teaching from King’s College London. Having worked for more than a decade in Europe, she has taught English to United Nations diplomats in Switzerland, business executives, and students in Germany, France, and the U.K. Fluent in five languages, Angie has traveled to more than 50 countries. She is also the owner of a natural hair care business and an accomplished musician.