Listening and Speaking - listening practice and quizzes – organized by levels   Rachel’s English - videos explaining pronunciation use music to practice your English - collection of podcasts, some on business related topics -listening passages, speakers with different accents, grouped by level, includes videos   Ted Talks

 Grammar grammar topics with practice quizzes and explanations Self-study grammar quizzes for multiple levels  Dave’s Café phrasal verbs page  Grammar exercises  Grammar exercises   English grammar rules

 Writing   excellent resource from Purdue University for university level writing   clear explanation of plagiarism   This site will check your grammar (a sentence or a whole paragraph) or check for plagiarism.   It should only be used as a tool – it’s not perfect! punctuation rules punctuation guide

 Reading Articles for different levels followed by comprehension practice. Free site registration. reading comprehension exercises organized by topics, divided into levels    On-line magazine for English language learners    Classic literature you can read on line         How Stuff Works                             Speed reading methods   free on-line magazines

 Vocabulary     Building a Better Vocabulary   Vocabulary, listening, and discussion divided by topic    Fun way to increase your vocabulary – choose your topic    Free Rice! Fun way to learn/practice vocabulary and feed people  Dave’s ESL Café – Idiom page  

 General      Selected Links for ESL Students    Aardvark’s English-Forum  

 Poetry    One word. One minute. One Writer: You.  

 Culture  The Library of Congress Internet movie database Differences between American and British English American Museum of Natural History   Museum of Modern Art Museum of the City of New York Metropolitan Museum of Art   Museum of the Moving Image   New York Botanical Garden