• Michele Barton

    Michele Barton holds an MA in college counseling and a PhD in clinical health psychology. She is the founder of Psychology Life Well, a collaborative private practice that offers a range of therapeutic essentials and support to individuals facing lifestyle challenges and those seeking to live a well-managed and balanced life. Michele’s expertise, warmth, and enthusiasm for helping people helps put students on the path to a balanced, enjoyable, and well-lived life.

  • Cynthia Brosnan

    Cynthia Brosnan holds an MBA from New York University. She teaches communication and final thesis courses for the master’s degree programs in business leadership, human resource management, international management, and marketing communication management at Manhattanville College’s School of Business. Cynthia has designed and facilitated global programs for Fortune 500 corporate, academic, and nonprofit audiences in more than 20 countries worldwide. A warm and caring person, and a dynamic teacher, Cynthia is a student favorite!

  • Domenica DelPrete

    Domenica (Donna) L. DelPrete holds master’s degree and a doctorate in education from Teachers College, Columbia University, where she is also an adjunct assistant professor in the TESOL and applied linguistics program. A dynamic teacher, her interactive workshops give students the opportunity to achieve a richer and deeper understanding of their own intercultural conversational patterns, as well as those of others. Donna’s warmth, energy, professional experience, and lively thoughtful activities makes for engaged, happy students!

  • Julie Dolphin

    Julie Dolphin holds an MA from Columbia University. Currently an adjunct faculty member at Manhattanville College, Julie has also taught TOEFL Preparation, Vocabulary Development, and other courses for non-native English speakers.  Along with her teaching experience, Julie is a singer and commissioned composer. Proficient in five languages, Julie’s love of the spoken and written word, interest in world cultures, and enthusiasm for sharing knowledge translates into a lively classroom of engaged students.

  • Charity Elder

    Charity Elder is a media executive with nearly 20 years of experience working in both broadcast and digital mediums. As the Head of Newsrooms Originals at Oath, Charity leads a team of producers creating innovative and distinctive content for a mobile-first generation. Named on Folio’s 2016 list of the top women in media, Charity has a M.A. in Mass Communications and Broadcast Journalism from New York University and a B.A. from Trinity College.

  • Elsalee Flynn

    Elsalee (EJ) Flynn is the owner of In Like Flynn Marketing, a New York–based marketing, PR, and business consulting firm. With more than 25 years of sales, marketing, and business experience, she has gained expertise in a wide variety of industries. From corporations to guiding individuals in their first business ventures, she has developed successful sales, marketing, and business techniques. In the classroom, EJ’s enthusiasm and belief in hands-on experience create a warm, confidence-building, productive environment.  

  • Gabriel Gabar

    Gabriel Gabar holds a BA/BS in motion pictures/psychology from the University of Miami and an MS from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has had the good fortune to travel and teach a diverse group of students across the world. In Colombia, Spain, Italy, Morocco, and the U.S., Gabriel has experienced the crucial intersection between language and culture. An energetic and creative instructor, he prides himself on offering content-rich courses in a warm, welcoming, and inclusive environment.   

  • Kelsey Gagen-Lanning

    Kelsey Gagen-Lanning holds an MA in teaching English as a second language/applied linguistics from Iowa State University. She has taught English and communication classes to a wide variety of learners, from newly arrived refugees with no literacy in their native language to students at the college level. Kelsey’s commitment to creating a playful environment where everyone knows each other and to helping students succeed inside and outside the classroom regularly attracts students to her classes.

  • Darren Hamilton

    Darren Hamilton has established his reputation as a consummate professional through his extensive experience as a leader, teacher, facilitator, and mentor, in management, marketing, sales, and training positions. With his ability to communicate patiently and effectively, and his attentiveness and responsiveness, Darren establishes a rapport and a level of trust that both motivates and instills confidence in his students. A certified fourth-degree black belt, Darren brings the same commitment to excellence to teaching.

  • Angie Hessbruegge

    Angie Hessbruegge holds a BA from Tufts University and a master’s in applied linguistics /English language teaching from King’s College London. Having worked for more than a decade in Europe, she has taught English to United Nations diplomats in Switzerland, and business executives and students in Germany, France, and the UK. Fluent in five languages, Angie has traveled to more than 50 countries. She is also the owner of a natural hair care business and an accomplished musician.

  • Laura Katen

    Laura Katen is the president of Katen Consulting, a New York–based professional development training company that conducts workshops on executive presence, individual and team presentations, communication, and business/social etiquette. Laura received her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University, is a licensed business and dining etiquette specialist, and is the author of the strategies handbook How to Communicate with Confidence, Clarity, and Credibility: For Organizational and Individual Success! and the audio book Enhance Your Chance®.

  • Olga Seham

    Olga Seham holds an MPS in TESOL from Manhattanville and a BA in English from Yale. She teaches courses in English as an Additional Language in the School of Humanities at Purchase College. Olga has been a book editor for 30 years, first at Random House and currently as a freelancer. She brings to the classroom a great love of the English language and a talent for helping others express themselves in it.