Important Information for Au Pairs

How can you reach the 60, 72, or 80 hour (6 credit) education requirement?

All Purchase College noncredit courses including all ELL noncredit courses meet the United States government education requirement for J1 Au pairs.  There are several ways for you to obtain the required education.   Choose from a variety of interesting and engaging weekday (20 or 24 hour) courses and/or weekend (20, 30, or 40 hour) courses over a length of time that suits your schedule as described below. Earn an additional 2, 4, or 6 hours once per semester by completing a Dig Deeper assignment.

We are happy to help you determine how best to meet your goals!

Note on remote learning:
For weekday courses attendance is NOT required at any scheduled virtual time. Attendance is based on completion of assignments.
All weekend courses include required attendance at the scheduled virtual time and completion of all assignments.