Purchase College is proud to partner with the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) to offer the appraisal studies certificate program. Develop the skills necessary to build a career in the appraisal of personal property and the collecting of fine art, decorative art, antiques, furniture, jewelry, coins, stamps, and more. Through lectures, optional field trips, and the use of the college’s Neuberger Museum of Art—among the 10 largest university museums in the country—learn the history and skills necessary to appraise and/or collect a wide range of items with assurance and competence.

Take courses individually or earn a certificate by completing all certificate requirements. All required courses are taught by accredited senior appraisers. Students who successfully complete the four required courses are awarded a certificate by the School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education, reflecting 13 continuing education units (CEUs). Upon completion of the certificate, you will have taken the first step toward (a) becoming an appraiser or working as an appraisal expert in a gallery, auction house, or insurance company and (b) qualifying for eventual accreditation and membership in the ASA.

Note: Certificate programs must be completed within three years unless approved by the director of continuing education.