Welcome to Purchase College, State University of New York’s American Management Association offerings. These self-study courses bring up-to-date, real world solutions for today’s business challenges. You get the latest management information, “how-to” explanations, practical examples, and real solutions to your daily challenges.

Individuals, corporations and institutions can all benefit from these time proven materials. Each course is filled with exercises relating the underlying theory to your every day work environment. Our approach to the material enables students to immediately apply their course work to the job.

The individual courses and certificate programs are self paced; there are no instructors. The time it takes to complete a course will vary among students. As a general guideline, each CEU credit represents approximately 10 hours of study time. CEUs are listed next to the course titles in the catalog. Individual courses must be completed within 12 weeks of enrollment. Certificate programs must be completed within 52 weeks of enrollment.

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