Before progressing to sophomore-level coursework, students in all undergraduate majors in the School of Art+Design should:

  1. understand basic design principles with an emphasis on two- and three-dimensions and time. Acquire the ability to apply these principles to a specific aesthetic intent, including a functional knowledge of the traditions, conceptual modes, and evolutions of art and design.
  2. understand perceptual stimuli and their aesthetic possibilities, with attention to such areas as concept, organization, time, color, and light.
  3. gain skill in the use of drawing media and the ability to translate observation to image.
  4. gain knowledge and skills in the use of basic tools, techniques, technologies, and processes sufficient to work from concept to finished product.
  5. have an understanding of the possibilities and limitations of various materials.
  6. be able to develop solutions to aesthetic and design problems.
  7. be comfortable with an iterative creative process, as well as presenting work for, and participating in, individual and group critiques.
  8. have functional knowledge of art history and theory and the influence of art and design on culture.