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Gallery 1019A Call For Submissions

The Richard and Dolly Maass Gallery Fellowship Program
is looking for Art + Design students to submit work

Apply here to be part of Exhibitions in 1019A Gallery opening in January/February 2019
Deadline November 20th, 2018

It’s Their World Too

‘It’s Their World Too’ is an exhibition centered around animal rights and the environment. We are looking for works that relate to the investigations of environmental toxicity and how it affects the world around us. The show sheds lights on topics such as pollution, animals, and abuse to the environment. The exhibition can include any medium, all art is welcomed for submission. Curator: Raina Nichols

Adorn Me

In the digital age, an artists’ ability to render and depict has taken a backseat in contemporary works and an emphasis on material has been pushed to the forefront. Fabric has proved itself to be a popular and complex tool in making and communication. Through exploration of fibers, patterns and printed cloths, this show will unearth the complexities and nuances of identity, individuality, and cultural signifiers that exist through our choice of cloths, adornments, and fibers. Adorn Me is seeking works that incorporate fibers as a referential and/or visual device, including but not limited, clothing, pattern, embroidery, crochet, quilt, etc. Curator: Zaire Anderson

For “It’s Their World Too” email 
For “Adorn Me” email