Student Life Assistant

Student Life Assistant

Position Description and Compensation


Student Life Assistant The Office of Student Life & Community Partnerships

DESCRIPTION: The Student Life Assistant position is a dynamic opportunity for student leaders to engage in large-scale community development efforts and to assist other students in realizing and developing his or her leadership potential while enhancing their own leadership skills. As experienced program planners, they provide expertise to various programs and services out of the Office of Student Life such as multicultural programming, social programming, and service and volunteerism. They also assist with the planning of major office productions like Halloweek, Welcome Back Week, and film screenings. Additionally, Student Life Assistants serve as liaisons to all student clubs, organizations, and services on campus to inform them of the office’s services as well as to assist with event planning and programming.

Office of Student Life & Community Partnerships Responsibilities:
• Maintain various work shifts that include the following: weekday campus center duty (6 hours); office hours (4 hours); and weekend campus center 6 hours every third weekend.
• Serve as prep and event staff for select campus-wide events produced by the Office (includes Orientation, Welcome Week, Welcome Back Week, Family Day, Commencement, Convocation, Student Awards Ceremony, etc.).
• Maintain Office of Student Life & Community Partnerships blog, twitter account, Facebook page, campus bulletin boards, and monthly Indy article.
• Act as campus liaison for the Office of Student Life & Community Partnerships, including but not limited to weekly tabling across campus.
• Co-coordinate major campus events, including Halloweek, welcome back week, welcome week and senior days.
• Coordinate weekend program series, including Friday/Saturday night programs, movie screenings and other social programs.
• Plan and implement diversity programming during specified theme month. • Plan and implement cohort programming as assigned. • Assist the Asst. Director of Community Partnerships with service events and
• Act as liaison to student clubs and organizations by attending meetings and assisting with relevant theme month programs.
Training and Development:
• Participate in pre-semester departmental and positional staff training (4 days in the fall and 3 days in the spring).
• Attend weekly staff meetings held throughout the fall and spring semester. • Attend staff development outings and retreats throughout fall and spring semester.

• Serve as the student staff coordinator for a programming theme week/month (Fall- Hispanic Heritage and GLBT History; Spring- Black History, Women’s History and Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage).
• Plan and implement an individual program for each week/month (pre-determined or flex).

• Plan and implement major (over 200 anticipated attendance) campus event weeks, including Halloweek, Welcome Back Week, Welcome Week, and Senior Days.
• Plan and implement weekend programming series for social programs on Friday or Saturday evenings during the academic year.

The student life assistant position responsibilities are expected to occupy approximately 20 hours per week, although this may vary from week to week. Along with academic responsibility, it is expected that the SLA position will be the primary commitment of the staff member. During paraprofessional staff training, each SLA will receive specific information, which details the individual role in fulfilling the responsibilities of this job description. Prior approval by supervisor is required before making other time commitments beyond their academic course load (e.g. campus job, off campus employment, clubs, athletics, etc.). If there is a scheduling conflict between the SLA position and another activity, it is expected that the SLA position takes priority.

Must be a matriculated Purchase College student enrolled in full-time undergraduate or graduate study. Additionally, student must:
• Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5

• Free of outside commitments that would conflict with the community assistant position

 • Not be on any form of probation (academic, residence, or disciplinary)

Preferred Qualifications:
• Previous experience planning programs on a college-campus environment

 • Commitment to academic excellence

• Outstanding verbal and written communication skills

• Ability to work collaboratively with several different campus constituencies

• Commitment to leadership development

• Self-motivation

 • Positive attitude

 • Problem-solving skills

 • Creative thinking skills

• Computer literacy

 • Outstanding organizational skills

REMUNERATION: $2,000 per semester (before taxes) paid in bi-weekly paychecks