Put the OL in ROLE MODEL


New Student Orientation supports student success by acquainting our newest students with the services, academics, and campus life at Purchase College.  This summer these new students and their families will take part in a two-day overnight event, which is staffed by current undergraduate students called Orientation Leaders.  Orientation Leaders are consistently recognized by the new students as a highlight of the Orientation Program because they represent all aspects of life at Purchase.  All qualified students are encouraged to apply.
Job Description:
Orientation Leaders serve as the primary resource for new students and their families during the Orientation program.  At all times during the program OLs represent the College to families of new students, and role model the Purchase experience for new students.  OLs answer student and family questions and counsel students on the transition to College life.  Select OLs will facilitate small group meetings where new students connect with each other and discuss campus issues in a low-pressure atmosphere.  After receiving training in both skills and information, OLs implement the Orientation program, which entails preparing materials, rooms and facilities before the program begins; guiding and directing participants around campus during the program; breaking down and storing materials and facilities in advance of the start of classes; and remaining available to Orientation staff and students throughout the program.
There are two types of OL positions.  There is a full time Orientation Leader, which is hired to work the summer orientation program as well as International orientation and the fourth orientation session before classes begin.  The full time OL position is a ten-day commitment in the summer, beginning four days before the program starts and concluding the day after the last program ends.  In addition, the full time OL will be responsible for returning to campus a week before classes begin to assist in the planning and implementation of International Orientation and Welcome Days.
The second position is a part time Orientation Leader. The part time OL position is a ten-day commitment, beginning four days before the program starts and concluding the day after the last program ends.  The part time OLs have no more orientation responsibilities after the conclusion of the July orientation program.
All OLs are also required to attend a weekly orientation leadership class that is instructed by their supervisor.  OLs are employees of and report to the Office of Student Life & Community Partnerships.
Remuneration:  Both Orientation Leader positions receive housing, three Orientation staff t-shirts, and meals throughout the term of service.  Full time OLs receive a stipend of $1,200 (before taxes) and Part time OLs receive a $1,000 stipend (before taxes) paid out in four installments.
Term of service is Thursday, July 5 through Saturday, July 14 for both positions.  Full time OLs will work an additional timeframe of Monday, August 27-Monday, September 3, 2012.