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Neuberger Museum of Art

NYPIRG (New York Public Interest Research Group)

Ombudsman Office

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Parking and Facilities Services

The Performing Arts Center

Physical Education, Recreation & Athletics

Purchase Shuttle Bus (“Purchase Loop”)

Rape Crisis Service
Purchase College’s Rape Crisis Service is run by New York State Certified Rape Crisis Counselors in conjunction with Victim’s Assistance Services. It is a confidential service that offers Emergency Room and Courtroom Advocacy Programs. The staff consists of both men and women sympathetic to your specific needs that will listen, refer you to places and people who care and want to educate, inform, and help you in any way they possibly can. The helpline number is (914) 251-4393. A victim advocate is available at the counseling center. For more information, please see Speak Out!


Residence Life


Student Accounts/Student Financial Services

Student Affairs

Study Abroad

Substance Abuse Education and Counseling

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