• Advanced Storytelling II


    July 5, 6, 7, 10 and 11, 2006
    Wednesday through Friday and the following Monday and Tuesday

    9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., 30 HOURS

    Neal Shultz, New Rochelle High School, and Guests

    $300 Partnership/EconomicsAmerica affiliated schools, $350 nonmembers (includes lunches & materials)

    If you love great social studies stories and anecdotes—both hearing them and telling them—then you will enjoy this three-credit graduate/in-service workshop. This is a true workshop. Your classroom craft will improve as you practice working with dramatic openings, gripping anecdotes and powerful story arcs. In a supportive, enthusiastic environment, you¡¦ll be able to take the teaching risks you¡¦ve always wanted to. In addition, the course instructor, an award-winning world history and human rights teacher, will help you tie in cutting edge research from the latest in world history scholarship, current events and economics. Packed with technology-based lessons, film clips and bibliographic resources, this workshop is fun, fascinating and, best of all, genuinely useful to the social studies teacher. All new featured stories will include the story of the Kolyma, the coldest prison on earth; how the Big Hole of Kimberly—the world¡¦s largest manmade hole—created modern South Africa; the Jews of Germany after the Holocaust; The War at 20,000 feet—the story of the Sikkim Glacier; and the most talented man in American history—and why he defected from America.

    Contact Professor Bell at peter.bell@purchase.edu for further information.

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    July 20-August 15, 2006