What is the NYSCEE?

The New York State Council on Economic Education, established in 1960, is an independent, non-profit organization, which works to promote the level of economic literacy of primary and secondary students throughout New York State through teacher training and curriculum development. The Council acts as an advocacy group to promote and improve economic education at the state level by working closely with State Education Department.

Our Mission

To teach students, teachers and adults how the U.S. and global economy works, and how these workings affect their lives.

How We Do It?

  • We offer Professional Development Workshops offered to K-12 teachers through our Centers for Economic Education (link).

  • Programs:
    • Schools Partnership Program

      The Partnership Program offers school districts the opportunity to join a state-wide network by which schools become affiliated with their local Centers for Economic Education and with the State and National Councils.

      Teachers at affiliated school districts receive (1) reduced fees for professional development workshops; (2) consultation on curriculum development with the local Center for Economic Education; (3) 25% discount on EconomicsAmerica curriculum materials ordered through the National Council; (4) the opportunity to participate in national and international education programs; (5) links with a local Center, the State, and National Councils.

      Nearly 300 EconomicsAmerica school districts in New York State are affiliated with the Schools Partnership Program. Affiliation is free and is initiated by completing the School Partnership Program Application Form.

  • The Council sponsors Teacher and Student Awards Programs (link) that recognize outstanding contributions by teachers and administrators to the promotion of economic literacy.
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