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Travis Raeburn

Where are you from?

I was born in Brooklyn and moved to Queens when I was nine.


What I want prospective students to know about Purchase? 

I want the prospective students to know as much about the school from the tours that they can because a college experience is an investment of your mental health, time, and money. Hopefully from the tours the students can have a solid idea of what to expect from Purchase College. Maybe they can find something they loved about it and why they want to apply and or, what they did not love. Now they know exactly what they want to look for in a school and how to move forward with their search process.


The reason I became an Ambassador? 

I remember when I was looking at colleges in high school (or even starting to explore the idea of going to college in junior high school) I wanted for someone to be very informative and truthful about their college experience and still be very relateable to kids in the city or inner city who are barely given opportunities to see schools, compared to the amount of opportunity other students from affluent neighborhoods may have.  Hopefully by being an Ambassador I can begin to bridge those gaps and encourage more students to continue their education.

My favorite spot on campus? 

My favorite spot on campus to relax or to reflect on my day would be the Music Building at night. Most students and faculty are no longer there and most rooms have pianos and rooms with carpets. Sometimes, I do homework inside of the practice rooms.


Why I chose Purchase?

In the summer between my junior year and senior year of high school, I was cast in a staged reading of a newly work shopped play that was a part of a theatre festival. While watching the other work shopped plays, I noticed another actor of color who was amazing and was the only actor of color in his cast. After his performance, I asked where he got his theatre training and he told me he graduated from Purchase College with a BFA in Acting. I had heard of Purchase vaguely from other teachers but I did not know what their acting program offered and what their classes were like. Later that year, the same actor who I met invited me to Purchase to see “In The Red and Brown Water,” which was a beautiful performance  and the first college production I saw with actors who I felt were like me on stage with captivating storytelling ability. From there I knew I had to apply to Purchase College and when I was offered a spot I knew this was the place I wanted to be.


My hobbies and interests?

My hobbies since the summer have been reading a lot of black empowerment books (fiction and non fiction). I watch a lot of anime, I have been stepping since I was ten years old and have done it all throughout  junior high school till the end of my high school career. I also do hip hop dance for fun. I have been acting since I was seven and I am currently pursuing a career in acting.


Future plans after Purchase?

I am going to continue my endeavors in the arts and hopefully travel. I want to be involved in a lot of work that is written by black playwrights  and screenwriters that explore and show our diverse culture and community around the world.

What “Think Wide Open” means to me: Think wide open to means to think in a more emancipated way in a space that is safe and creatively motivated. I think an environment where you can commit to expressing and viewing the world more openly and freely with out worrying about being seen as vulnerable is important in an educational experience. Hopefully Purchase can be that safe space for other students as well.