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David McLachlan

What is your major?

Graphic Design


What are your pronouns?

Pronouns: He/Him/His


Where are you from?

Bohemia, New York on Long Island


What does “think wide open” mean to you?

Think wide open to me means respect and acceptance for all, regardless of your own views and opinions, because Purchase is a community!


What do you want a prospective students to know about Purchase?

Purchase is unlike any other college out there, the culture is vibrant and diverse with inspiration at every corner.


Favorite spot on campus and why?

TerraVe on Wednesday’s because Pasta Day!


Why did you choose Purchase?

I chose Purchase because I loved how comfortable I felt coming here for the first time on my tour, everyone was so welcoming and I also fell in love with the Visual Arts Building!


What made you become an ambassador?

I became an ambassador because I wanted to be able to share with prospective students my experiences at Purchase so they could relate and picture themselves making Purchase their home too.