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Neva Kocic

Lecturer in New Media

Neva was born in Serbia, where she was trained as an architect and received her BArch and MArch from the University of Belgrade.


More About Me

Interested in Digital Art and Interaction design, in 2013 , she moved to New York to go to ITP (Interactive Telecommunication Program) at NYU. ITP is best described as ‘a center for recently possible’ and a place where the oddest Design and Technology ideas are born and prototyped. This is where she received her MPS from Tisch, NYU in 2015 and where interactive projects have started to occur – first on screens and then as a physical installations as well.

In New York, Neva worked as Creative Researcher at the OCR and animator with Lillian Schwartz. She was also working as teacher at 92Y center, teaching youth how to make digital games, design and 3d print.

From 2015 - 2019 Neva worked at Parsons, The New School, as a Lab Tech in the Making Center; running the CNC shop and but also helping in Digital Fab department as well as in Wood and Metal shops.

In 2018, she co-founded the Yunicorns project.