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Erika Weaver

Access Counselor, Office of Disability Resources

Erika Weaver is an Access Counselor at the Office of Disability Resources. Erika specializes in working with students who identify their primary disability as psychiatric disabilities. She works with students to determine and implement appropriate academic adjustments and academic support services. In addition, Erika reviews and processes accessible housing accommodation requests and emotional support animal requests.

Before joining the Office of Disability Resources at Purchase College, Erika served in a similar role within a disability services office at two other universities. Working with students with learning disabilities, ADHD, mental health diagnoses, chronic medical conditions and autism spectrum disorders, Erika completed each step of the accommodation process, including reviewing documentation and overseeing testing accommodations, as well as provided other forms of academic support services.

In her free time, Erika enjoys live music, traveling, trying new restaurants and cuisines, participating in a fantasy football league and spending time with her family.