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The Keys to Selling a Home: Home Staging

Just like how a neat business professional outfit and charisma are essential for a job interview, your home’s appearance speaks for itself when its on the market. How would a future employer react if you walked into an interview dressed in your Sunday sweatpants, unkempt hair and unbrushed teeth? We’re guessing it wouldn’t fare well.

Putting your house on the market without making minor adjustments is akin to that “Sunday worst” interview example. A few easy design fixes can help your home sell.

Nairn Freimann, the Certified Staging Professional (CSP) course instructor, took her students to stage a house in Rye Brook and applied some of these tips:

Our Top 3 Tips

1. Keep it Neutral

The colors potential buyers see on the wall should not distract them developing their own vision for the space. Selecting beige tones with a subtle color sets up a canvas for the potential buyer but allows you to retain some style.

2. Enhance Architectural Features 

Play up that fireplace, exposed brick, or beamed ceilings! For a fireplace, updating the screen instantly draws attention to the space. Heat resistant spray paint is a quick and cost-effective fix- first wipe down the screen and mask down the surrounding areas.

Or mount a statement piece to a blank wall (above) to add drama and make the room appear larger.

3. Create Flow Between Rooms

This one will require a bit of trial and error. Buyers are attracted to homes that have a seamless flow. This doesn’t require to change to your entire house to hardwood floors, but instead creating a uniform style and enough space between entryways. One way to increase circulation between rooms is replacing boxy furniture with ones with rounded corners.