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The More Store

September 04, 2015

by Zach Jackson

Have you ever wished that you had a convenience store within three minutes of walking from your room? If you answered “yes,” then you’re in luck! If you answered “no,” well, you need to get your life together.

Don’t feel like walking across campus to the nearest dining hall? Hop in the More Store, right across from Starbucks in the Fort Awesome residence hall, and get yourself some Easy Mac instead. Got some late night cravings on a Saturday? Go and get yourself some Ben and Jerry’s and cry into it while you watch The Notebook for the twelfth time. Or you can just go and stock up on excessive amounts of cheez doodles and gummy worms. …Okay, so these are things that Iregularly do at the More Store, but there’s plenty it offers beyond that.

If you can’t or don’t want to make a trip to the grocery store, The More Store can cover you on quite a few things. It carries many of the essentials, such as milk, eggs, bread, and bacon (yes, bacon is an essential food group and you can’t convince me otherwise). Beyond food, there are also over the counter medicines and cleaning supplies. The More Store can be a nice place to hang out too, with chairs and tables for students to sit and eat, and even a microwave for you to heat up your food. The recycling machines there give you cash back for each item recycled, so be sure to do your recycling there, too! The place is open until 2 a.m., so unless you’re having a really crazy night, you should always be able to get there before it closes.

The More Store is super convenient, well stocked, and the student employees are all incredibly friendly and play great music during their shifts. What MORE could you ask for? …Yeah, that was bad. I’ll see myself out.