Faculty Handbook 2014–15

Office of Community Engagement

Main Office: Campus Center North, Second Floor
Hours: Mon.–Thurs., noon–6 p.m.; Fri., noon–5 p.m.
Tel.: (914) 251-6335
Director: Mario Rapetti, (914) 251-6328
Student Services Building, Third Floor, Room 318
Assistant Directors:
Denny Santos and Michelle Carvajal, (914) 251-6320
Javon Noblin, (914) 251-6334

The Office of Community Engagement provides a host of opportunities for students to become involved in campus life, both outside and in support of their classroom/studio experience. It strives to complement the college’s academic programs with a student-centered living and learning environment that offers opportunities for leadership-skills development, community service, and civic engagement. It is also responsible for residential room assignments, summer residential programs, and training for more than 65 paraprofessional staff.

  • New Student Orientation
    Orientation welcomes new students and their families to the Purchase College community. Through various workshops and small group discussions with current faculty, students, and staff, new students become familiar with the intellectual and social environments that exist on campus. These endeavors serve as an invaluable experience, initiating the transition to Purchase College.

  • Campus Events
    The Office of Community Engagement is committed to developing and maintaining an actively engaged student body by connecting with and supporting the Purchase Student Government Association, advising individual students and student organizations, and offering several leadership opportunities. It coordinates multicultural campus-wide programs to enhance all aspects of student life and hosts several campuswide annual events, including Family Day, Pancake Madness, the Student Awards Ceremony, and Senior Days.

  • Commuter Affairs
    Commuter students are an integral part of the Purchase College community. The Office of Community Engagement is dedicated to creating and maintaining a strong line of communication with the commuter population. Various services are available to provide commuting students with comfortable options between classes, and a deliberate focus is placed on community development.

  • Community Partnerships
    The Office of Community Engagement serves as a central resource on civic engagement and service learning. It serves as the primary contact with established community partners and the intermediary with the Neuberger Museum of Art, Performing Arts Center, and academic programs across the disciplines on collaborative programming that may include civic-engagement and service-learning components. It also manages several K–12 grants, including TRIO Upward Bound, Liberty Partnership Great Potential, and an NYGEAR UP partnership with Yonkers Public Schools.

Updated Feb. 25, 2015

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