Faculty Handbook 2016–17
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Separation From the University

Employees who intend to resign or retire shall give a minimum of 30 days notice to the university prior to the last day of work. (The 30-day notice stipulation can be found in Article 32.2 of the 2011ā€“2016 NYS/UUP Agreement.)

Informational Letter
An informational letter on separation from state employment (if applicable) is mailed to the employee’s home. This letter outlines rights under COBRA, final checks, Benefit Trust Fund continuation, and retirement system vesting, etc.

Keys and Other University Property
Employees are responsible for returning all university property upon separation. It is imperative that both your building key and office key are returned to your building manager (please refer to Building Access and Keys in the Getting Started section).

Separation Form
Before departing from the college, employees must submit a completed Separation From Purchase College form to the Payroll Office. Completing the form includes physically obtaining several clearance signatures on campus (e.g., CTS, library, parking) and the signature of your chair or director. The form available under Forms > Human Resources & Benefits on the Human Resources site.

If employees are interested in retiring, they should contact the Benefits Office in Human Resources as early as possible to work out all the details. Information on retirement and privileges after retirement is contained in Article XV of the Policies of the Board of Trustees. Preretirement planning guides are also available from the different retirement systems.

Retrenchment is defined as the termination of the employment of any academic or professional employee during any appointment, other than a temporary appointment (which may be terminated at any time), as a result of financial exigency; reallocation of resources; reorganization of degree or curriculum offerings or requirements; reorganization of academic or administrative structures, programs, or functions; or curtailment of one or more programs or functions as the SUNY chancellor or her designee deems appropriate. Retrenchment is applied in inverse order of appointment within the affected group. The specific conditions governing retrenchment are defined in Article 35 of the 2011ā€“2016 NYS/UUP Agreement.

Exit Interview
An exit interview is optional and may be requested through the Office of Affirmative Action, (914) 251-5982.

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