Faculty Handbook 2015–16
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Employee Attendance Records

The Policies of the Board of Trustees and the 2011–2016 NYS/UUP Agreement stipulate that employees are required to certify their presence and record any absences on forms provided by the state. Employees are also required to record on such forms any charges to or accruals of vacation or sick leave credits.

Currently, faculty members submit monthly attendance records once each semester during the academic year. Attendance records, signed by the supervising chair or director, are due to the Payroll Office no later than January 10 for the fall semester and June 10 for the spring semester. Separate instructions for summer session faculty are distributed annually by the School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education.

Transition to a new electronic system: As announced in May 2014 by the Office of Human Resources, the SUNY System Administration has created an electronic time-and-attendance system (TAS) that replaces paper timesheets. Attendance records will be filed in this system on a monthly basis. The Office of Human Resources will conduct group training sessions and PowerPoint presentations for faculty in the fall of 2014. The PowerPoint presentation is also available online on the Human Resources site. Once the training sessions have been concluded, paper timesheets will no longer be accepted.

Please note that failure to submit attendance records may result in the cancellation of direct deposit or paychecks being held in the Payroll Office until all attendance records are completed.

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