Faculty Handbook 2016–17
draft in progress

Faculty Responsibilities

Academic Freedom and Responsibility

Faculty Professional Obligation
Full-Time Faculty Professional Obligation • Teaching in the Core Curriculum/General Education Program • Course Scheduling and Rotation • Part-Time Faculty and Semester Appointments • Holidays • Faculty Absences and Appropriate Coverage

Faculty Office Hours

Academic Advising
Overview • Referrals • Advising Undeclared Students • Advising Majors • Midterm Warnings (Faculty Feedback) • Student Alert • Students on Academic Probation

Course Proposals and Curriculum Development
Proposals for New and Reinstated Courses • Courses Proposed to Satisfy Core Curriculum Requirements • Curriculum Development and Revision

Research and Application of Knowledge

Health and Safety
Fire Safety • Hazardous Substances • Environmental Health and Safety Committee

Employee Attendance Records

Annual Faculty Activity Report


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