Faculty Handbook 2016–17
draft in progress

Vehicle Registration and Parking

Office of Parking and Transportation
Manager: Stephanie Ferrer
Tel.: (914) 251-6177
Fax: (914) 251-6169
Office: Parking and Card Office, Campus Center North, Room 1014
Hours: Mon.–Fri., 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. (fall and spring)
Mon.–Fri., 8 a.m.–4 p.m. (summer)

All motor vehicles brought on campus must be registered with the Office of Parking and Transportation. The annual vehicle registration fee is currently $16 per vehicle for faculty and staff. Up to three vehicles may be registered on one hangtag, which may be interchanged between vehicles. If another hangtag is needed, each additional hangtag may be purchased for $16. You may order your parking hangtag and pay your vehicle registration fee in person or online, as described below.

In Person (at the Office of Parking and Transportation):
You will need the following:

  • your valid Purchase College ID card (More Card)
  • the vehicle registration
  • payment: cash, check, or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover only)


  1. After you have activated your Purchase email account, go to “Quick Links” on my.purchase.edu and log in to myHeliotrope.
  2. After you are logged in, go to “Personal Information” > “Parking Options.” This should lead you to the “MyParking” home page.
  3. Select your permit:
    Click on the “Apply for a Permit” tab on the left. Permit options will be displayed, based on your status as faculty member, in the dropdown menu. Select either “Olde Apartment Lot –N1” or “Faculty and Staff lot –S2.” Faculty and staff with a valid hangtag (permit) are allowed to park in all current lots except the dorm lots and W1, which is a visitors lot.
  4. The parking agreement contract:
    After you have selected a permit, you will be asked to acknowledge an agreement contract, which outlines the Parking Rules and Regulations. Please make sure to read this contract and print a copy for your records. After you have finished reading the contract, select “I Agree” at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Provide your vehicle information:
    You will then be asked to provide vehicle information. Please fill in all required information. If you would like your hangtag mailed to you, select “yes” and provide a mailing address. If you do not want it mailed, select “no.”
  6. Payment:
    After you have completed the permit application, you will be directed to the payment portal. Fill in all required payment information and select “continue.”
  7. Confirmation:
    You will be directed to a confirmation page; please print it for your records. If you selected not to have your hangtag mailed to you, place your printed confirmation page in your vehicle window as a temporary parking permit, then pick up your hangtag in the Office of Parking and Transportation.

Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis; a hangtag allows the holder to park only if there is a legal space available. Faculty and staff are not allowed to park in student-designated parking areas or short-term visitor parking spaces (excluding Starbucks).

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