Faculty Handbook 2014–15

New Faculty Orientation and Mentoring

New Faculty Orientation
Orientation programs for new full-time faculty members are conducted by the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs as well as the Office of Human Resources and the local chapter of United University Professions.

The orientation of new part-time faculty is the responsibility of each academic unit. It may be conducted at the level of the school/conservatory or delegated to the level of the board of study, area, or program. To the extent possible, each academic unit will endeavor to welcome part-time faculty members and integrate them into the academic culture of the program and the school or conservatory.

  • The program coordinator or designee will meet with each part-time faculty member to make him or her familiar with program goals, textbooks, and academic procedures and policies.
  • Each part-time faculty member will be directed to the Faculty Handbook and other guides.
  • Part-time faculty members will submit syllabi for all courses taught to their school or conservatory office, and the program coordinator or designee will review them to ensure alignment with board-of-study and school/conservatory goals and standards.
  • Program coordinators, chairs, and directors will collaborate with the Office of Human Resources to facilitate the orientation program that introduces part-time faculty to the rights, benefits, and obligations of their appointments.

Mentoring for New Faculty
Before the beginning of their employment, new full-time faculty members are assigned a mentor to assist them in gaining appropriate knowledge about the college and the tenure process. The chairs and directors of the schools and conservatories oversee this mentoring program according to guidelines established by the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs.

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