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Academic-year registration dates and deadlines are published in the academic calendar. Space permitting, students can register for (add) a course through the end of the first week of classes, the add/drop period. However, students are charged a late registration fee if they have not registered for any courses during the normal registration period.

Special Codes Used During Registration

  • AAC (Advisor Access Code): The AAC is an 8-digit code that, in essence, replaces your signature as advisor on a registration form. These codes should be given out only to your advisees and only to students who are required to obtain advisor approval to register for a course.
  • IAC (Instructor Access Code): The IAC is the 8-digit code that you release for a course that requires students to obtain formal permission of instructor to register (or if the course is closed). These codes are directly related to the course-and-section number of the course you will be teaching.
  • OAC (Overload Access Code): The OAC is the 8-digit code given to the chair or director to allow a student to register for more than 18 or 22 credits, depending on his or her major, during any one semester. This replaces the signature that the student would ordinarily need.

Senior Citizen Registration
Senior citizen auditors are New York State residents who are at least 60 years of age. They do not pay SUNY tuition and do not receive grades or earn course credits. They are encouraged to discuss expectations for class participation and work assignments with the instructor after senior citizen registration, which is held immediately after the end of the add/drop period on a space-available basis only.

Course Schedule
The course schedule, which is online only, can be accessed under myHeliotrope on The course schedule also includes real-time enrollment figures for each course.

The tally includes more detailed real-time enrollment figures, such as the number of nonmatriculated spaces available or the number of new or continuing students registered. The tally can be accessed under myHeliotrope on

Updated Feb. 19, 2014

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