Course Scheduling

Each board of study is responsible for submitting its course schedule to the chair or director by the deadlines set by the Office of the Registrar. In general, schedules for the next semester are due at the end of the preceding semester.

Course Rollover
Course information is copied from fall to fall and spring to spring. Boards of study are asked to standardize schedules as much as possible and submit any necessary changes, additions, updates, or deletions by the required deadline. Boards of study should:

  • confirm that the courses offered each fall or spring are reflected on the eight-semester graduation plan submitted by the board of study and in the course descriptions on the program site
  • ensure that a completed course proposal is submitted for any new course and when reinstating a course (i.e., a previously offered course that does not appear in the course descriptions on the program site)
  • take care to make sure the appropriate number of core curriculum/
    general education
    courses are offered within their board of study

To ensure that certain days or times are neither overbooked nor underutilized, the college must maintain a schedule with classes evenly distributed throughout the week.

Course Scheduling Dashboard
More information on course scheduling, including additional guidelines, deadlines, grid analysis, and core curriculum/general education offerings is available on the registrar’s Course Scheduling Dashboard, which can be accessed under Academic Resources > Course Scheduling on

Updated March 23, 2014

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