Faculty Handbook 2016–17
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Emergency Information

Emergency Response Reference Guide

New York State University Police at Purchase College
Interim Chief of Police: Dayton Tucker
Deputy Chief: Steve Greeley
Administrative Tel.: (914) 251-6905
Administrative Office: University Police Headquarters
Hours: Mon.–Fri., 8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. & 1:30–5 p.m.
Nonemergency Tel.: (914) 251-6900
Dispatcher: University Police Headquarters
EMERGENCY (24 hours): (914) 251-6911 (ext. 6911 on campus)
Weather Emergency Recording: (914) 251-7500
The entrance to the University Police headquarters is located at the Lincoln Avenue underpass.

The personal safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors is of the highest importance to Purchase College and its University Police. The University Police provide 24-hour patrol protection to all buildings, residence halls, parking lots, and roadways. University Police officers are sworn police officers vested with full law-enforcement powers and responsibilities. The officers complete 21 weeks of basic training at the Rockland County Police Academy or at the Westchester County Police Academy and receive additional in-service and specialized training in first aid, defensive tactics, legal updates, evidence gathering, traffic investigations, etc. All have been trained in emergency medical procedures and first aid, and some may be certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

Reporting Criminal Actions or Other Emergencies on Campus
Any visitor, student, or employee may report potential criminal actions and other emergencies on campus by calling (914) 251-6911 (ext. 6911 on campus). The University Police also have an online Silent Witness form that can be submitted anonymously. Please refer to the following sections of this handbook for related information and resources:

Active Shooter Training (University Police video)

Blue Light Telephone System
In addition to a telephone in each student’s room, there are approximately 60 outdoor “blue light” emergency phones strategically located throughout the campus. These “blue light” phones are directly connected to the University Police dispatcher.

Fire Safety
Report all fires to the University Police at (914) 251-6911 (ext. 6911 on campus) and become familiar with building evacuation procedures. Please refer to the more detailed Fire Safety section, under “Faculty Responsibilities: Health and Safety” in this handbook, for additional information.

Guidelines for Extraordinary Weather Conditions are available on the Human Resources site.

Sign Up for Emergency Notification Messages (NY Alert)
Purchase College employees are asked to sign up for emergency notification messages on the faculty/staff portal, my.purchase.edu, under “Campus Resources” > “Employee Emergency Contacts.” You may add your cell phone number for emergency notifications (campuswide emergencies) and information on the person you wish to have contacted in case of a personal emergency.

Wireless Audio Visual Emergency System (WAVES)
WAVES, a wide-area mass notification system, is designed to provide mass notification to the campus in case of natural disasters or other campuswide emergencies. If an incident occurs, informational messages will be broadcast over a campuswide outdoor audio system. WAVES is capable of broadcasting crystal-clear messages, sirens, and tones to the entire campus. In the future, digital messaging boards will be added to the system.

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