Faculty Handbook 2014–15

Student Engagement Awards and Grants

Annual Student Engagement Award
The Advising Center sponsors the annual Student Engagement Award, which is given to one faculty member and one staff member who demonstrate extraordinary commitment, initiative, and dedication, and whose efforts are “above and beyond” in helping the college serve its students. Nominations for this award are solicited via email to the campus community.

Student Engagement Grants
With funds from the Purchase College Association, the Advising Center also sponsors Student Engagement Grants to support faculty initiatives that increase student engagement with the world beyond the classroom and offer them new venues for interacting with each other. Such initiatives might include taking a class on a trip to a museum exhibit or a seminar off-campus, or participation with a student at a conference.

To request the grant application form and guidelines, email the director of the Academic Resource Center, Ryan Homsey, at ryan.homsey@purchase.edu. Please complete the application in full and allow for some turnaround time on funding decisions, which are made by the Advising Center.

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