Faculty Handbook 2014–15

Presidential Discretionary Awards

As described in Articles 20.5, 20.8, and 20.11 of the 2011–2016 NYS/UUP Agreement, 0.5 percent of the annual payroll as of June 30 is to be reserved for Presidential Discretionary Awards in 2013, 2014, and 2015, and 1 percent in 2016.

  • This award is a lump sum payment, not added to basic annual salary, and is used to recognize performance.
  • It is distributed at the discretion of the campus president no later than December 31 and is retroactive to September 1 for those with academic-year obligations and July 1 for those with calendar- or college-year obligations.
  • For each campus, a percentage is to be earmarked for part-time employees based on the actual percentage of part-time employees on that campus at the time the pool is determined.

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