Faculty Handbook 2016–17
draft in progress

Summer Session Appointments

Assignments offered for the summer sessions are separate and distinct from those offered during the academic year. Summer session employment takes place outside the collective bargaining agreement between United University Professions and the State of New York. Salary levels, working hours, and obligations are determined by the director of academic programs and the director of finance and administration in the School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education, in consultation with the provost.

While summer session employment is offered outside the regular contractual boundaries, the State of New York limits summer session salaries to no more than 22.22 percent of the academic-year base salary for 10 weeks of summer sessions. The actual salary payable during the summer is limited by the period of service as follows:

Length of Service Maximum Percentage of
Academic-Year Base Salary
1 week 2.67%
2 weeks 5.33%
3 weeks 8.00%
4 weeks 10.67%
1 month 11.11%
5 weeks 15.00%
6 weeks 16.00%
7 weeks 18.00%
8 weeks 20.00%
2 months 22.22%
More than 2 months, not to exceed 3 months 11.11% per month

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