Faculty Handbook 2016–17
draft in progress

Academic Resource Center

Director: Ryan Homsey
Student Services Building, Second Floor
Advising Center (Room 225):
Tel.: (914) 251-3990
Fax: (914) 251-3994
Email: advising@purchase.edu
Learning Center (Room 213):
Tel.: (914) 251-3996
Email: learning@purchase.edu

The Academic Resource Center, located on the second floor of the Student Services Building, houses both the Advising Center and the Learning Center.

The Advising Center provides support that students need to successfully navigate their academic programs at Purchase—from the summer before their freshman year to the completion of their senior year. Its advisors help students:

  • understand academic requirements
  • choose courses and majors
  • select a permanent faculty advisor
  • make good use of the college’s varied academic support services
  • find answers to last-minute questions

Students who have not yet declared a major are particularly encouraged to meet with an advisor in the center for guidance. Continuing students should meet regularly with their faculty advisors, using the services of the Advising Center as needed.

The Learning Center assists students in learning, developing academic skills, and attaining academic success. It offers a comprehensive system of support, ranging from help in a specific course to detailed instruction in writing and study skills. The modes of support include on-site, peer-based individual and group tutoring; online writing tutoring through the Purchase College Online Writing Lab (OWL); and assistive technology for students with disabilities.

Peer tutors are nominated by faculty members and receive effective training in tutoring at the beginning of each semester. Writing and foreign language tutoring are available throughout the academic year. In addition, peer tutors provide support in mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, statistics, and environmental studies at the Einstein Corner in the Natural Sciences Building. Tutoring is also provided for selected courses as need arises, and the staff will assist students in forming a study group for any course the college offers.

Updated June 7, 2016

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