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Eileen Pragers Wedding

Eileen Prager with husband Mike DiGiuseppe (above) and children Patrick, PJ and Mary Kate Prager (below).

Eileen Pragers Wedding

engagement ringTo Barbara Gianoplus, Institutional Research & Admissions—on her engagement to Christopher Moore. They will be married on Saturday, April 22, 2006. “We are taking our children (my daughter and his three teenagers) and running away to an Inn in Vermont for a long weekend. Chris was someone I knew back in high school (Horace Greeley - right here in Chappaqua) and we reconnected in the last year. It didn't take very long to realize we stumbled into forever. We are very lucky and blessed.”


Elizabeth Alexia DolceTo Hank Dolce, Purchasingon the birth of his daughter, Elizabeth Alexia Dolce. Born December 8, 2005, she weighed 7lbs, 1oz and was 20” long.




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Have you ever played the game "telephone"? You remember it from childhood... One person tells a story to another. The second person repeats it to a third. And so on and so on. The final person tells the story to the group. It is usually completely different from the original story. This section of the Employee Newsletter is a spinoff of that concept. One person begins a story - setting, characters, situation. At some point - usually a tense one! - they stop. Now, someone else picks up this particular yarn. They pick up the story where the previous person left off and add to it. Want to play?

      As the officers proceeded cautiously towards the left side of Angelina’s black Lexus, Matt Hatter the first officer on the scene, peered through the tinted glass to see what was creating so much excitement among the elementary school children. In the confusion to move away from the car, Jack Penny, one of the boys tripped on his shoelace and fell forward on his face. The little boy appeared frozen. He could not move. He remained crouched with his face on the ground until an officer approached him. “Are you ok my dear boy?” asked officer Hatter. Jack did not answer but continued to sob uncontrollably in his hands.

      While all this is going on, Officer Hatter’s partner continued his approach to the parked car. He remembered the dispatcher’s words to proceed with caution. He looked at his watch, released his gun from its holster, took a few cautious steps and looked around to his partner. “Matt! Cover me”, he said. One, two, three more steps and Matt stretched out his hands, touched the black and silver door. Releasing the lock, he pulled at the door, the door opens and everyone stood there with mouths wide open.

Contributor: Yvette Swanston,
Business Affairs

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