Residence Life

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Our motto “Think Wide Open” greatly describes the residential experience. College is not only about academic development but includes social development as well. The exchange of ideas, culture, and outlook does not stop when class is over. It continues through drum circles in our quad, music shows in the student center,supported by our faculty and staff who live on-campus, deep conversations about theory in the residence halls. A place where you have the opportunity to make lasting friendships and memories. Where our students are celebrated for being themselves. We feel that campus living combines the essential elements for a successful college experience.

This website is designed to give you a better understanding of the programs and services we provide for students who live in campus housing. We invite you to begin your stay at Purchase in campus housing and take advantage of the opportunity to be part of a close community of friends and learners.

Our office is located in the Student Services Bldg. on the third floor.


Antony Ware

Interim Director

Main Office: (914) 251-6320
Main Office: (914) 251-7040
Olde Community Center Office: (914) 251-3170