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Editorial Style Guide

Academic Terms and Usage

emeritus (singular masculine)
emerita (singular feminine)
emeriti (plural)
faculty emeriti (plural)

In running text, emeriti titles are capitalized when they immediately precede a personal name and lowercased when following a name, except for the named professorships noted under People and Titles. For general readability, try to place long titles after names, in lowercase. For example:

Associate Professor Emeritus of Art History Eric Carlson
Preferred: Eric Carlson, associate professor emeritus of art history

Professor Emerita of Anthropology Esther Newton
Preferred: Esther Newton, professor emerita of anthropology

Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of Sociology John Howard
Preferred: John Howard, Distinguished Service Professor emeritus of sociology

From the Policies of the SUNY Board of Trustees:
Article XV

Title D. Privileges After Retirement
§ 1. Emeritus Status. Members of the University faculty who retire in good standing, in accordance with the provisions of Title B or C of this Article, shall be entitled to append the term “Emeritus” to the title of their academic or administrative post after the time of retirement.

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