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Welcome from the Director
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Welcome from the Director

Dear Faculty Member,

Welcome to the Career Development Center!  I would like to extend our appreciation for all for your support. faculty page.jpg Through the information below, designed specifically for faculty, we hope you will find our career program and various programs events of value; and perhaps become an advocate to help us promote and refer students as they embark on their personal career journey. With the help of faculty partners we are always happy to create new and tailored initiatives as a result of your partnership and collaborations.

Our mission is to provide personalized and comprehensive career-related events, services and programs that empower Purchase College students throughout their college years.  Our staff is dedicated and trained in the provision of quality career counseling, career educational programming, and job and internship resources designed to assist undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni across academic disciplines. Majors and Careers are explored through individualized career counseling sessions in collaboration with the Academic Advising Center. Our website is updated regularly with career resources that help students investigate their options.  We realize the importance of your classroom teaching to a student’s development and have found that our career educational support can complement their education, further enriching the experience for our students.

Whether studying at Purchase College's Conservatories, School of Art and Design, School of Film and Media Studies, Natural and Social Sciences, Humanities, or School of Continuing Education, (B.A. program), the  Career Development Center encourages and supports students at every stage of their career development.

I invite you to browse our website; ponder our programs, services, and special events for students.  We welcome your feedback and collaboration as we strive to offer exceptional services to our students.  Feel free to reach out to me with any comments or suggestions at (914) 251-6370 or wendy.morosoff@purchase.edu.

The Career Development Staff and I look forward to working with you more closely in the future.

Wendy Morosoff


Overview of Services

Whether exploring college majors and career interests, gaining applied learning experiences through internships, locating on/off campus jobs or other employment, and preparing for graduate school admission, the CDC offers support for Purchase students throughout their Purchase College experience and beyond.

Career Counseling, Assessment & Guidance
Career counseling helps to facilitate a students' self-assessment as they explore their career interests, skills, abilities, and goals through one-on-one discussion. Career assessment and evaluation sessions are provided that may include follow up recommendations to further explore, identify and pursue potentially rewarding experiential opportunities. These supportive services are implemented in partnership with academic advisement; empowering students to connect careers interests as needed with to their academic interests with through exploration and experiential learning.

Career Programming & Resources
In addition to counseling, career programs and events provide Purchase students and alumni with opportunities to explore, investigate, and identify career opportunities designed to complement their career interests and goals.  Through a wide range of offerings, multiple channels for students to learn about career options are provided. Faculty are strongly encouraged to join us in bringing these programs to their students!

Career Programming & ResourcesWendy at STEM with screen.jpg
FOCUS online Self-Assessment
Career Workshops, Programs and Panels

Major & Career Resources
Majors & Career links
Career Resource Center/On-line Resources
Mentor Network

Experiential Education
Academic Internship Program
Campus Internship Fair
Job & Internship Fair
Graduate School Expo
Interfolio.com (Credential Files)

Self Marketing Strategies & Job Search Preparation
The Career Development Center provides personal “branding” and self marketing preparation combined with job search support to ensure that students have important employability skills and job search resources their disposal.  Through individualized guidance on resume and cover letters, developing one’s professional online presence, mock interview practice, internship and job opportunities via Purchase JobScore, we empower Purchase students and alumni to develop the tools necessary for success.

Resume & Cover Letter Development
Purchase JobScore
Interview Preparation
Dress for Success
Senior Mocktail Etiquette Night
LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter 
Developing your Online Presence

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Alumni Services
Nearly all of the above services are available to recent graduates and other Purchase alumni.  Alumni are encouraged to make use of these resources as they begin their careers, as well as during times of career and job change and transition.


Upcoming Events

Career related programming and events are scheduled throughout the academic year, including workshops, on-campus employer visits, and open-houses. Keep your students up-to-date on the great presentations and programs available to them monthly!


Collaborations & Class Presentations

Don't Cancel Class! If you are considering canceling a class, (when possible, with a little notice) just contact the Career Development Center and we can conduct a specially tailored presentation for your class instead.  We can provide workshops on a variety of career development topics including:

  • Orientation to Services  Faculty Tea 2.JPG
  • Introduction to Career Planning and Decision Making
  • Resume Writing Basics
  • The Art of Interviewing
  • Job-Search Strategies
  • Customized Sessions for Specific Majors and Boards of Study
  • Pursuing a Graduate School Education

Presentations may take place in your classroom; however, we sometimes recommend that classes visit the CDC so that they can receive a tour of our resource center, major and career lounge, and library. We can help you out in a pinch!

To request a presentation, call (914) 251-6370 or email your request to us at career.development@purchase.edu. For custom tailored presentations, please allow us at least 2 weeks advance notice or, whenever possible, several days notice for a general presentation.

Share Your Ideas For Collaboration!  To successfully prepare our students for the world of work, we believe that active support and collaboration between faculty and staff is essential. We are continually seeking to connect with and support Purchase faculty in providing career information and opportunities for students.  If you would like the Career Development Center to co-sponsor a topic panel, an upcoming program or event with BOS, please contact us to share your ideas. Our experienced career counseling staff can meet with you to discuss your ideas and better understand your students' career needs. We will also keep you informed of upcoming career events of interest to your students and invite you to co-sponsor and partner on programs with us.

We appreciate your support and look forward to future partnerships!


Internship Program

The Career Development Center administers all credit-bearing internships for Purchase College students. Students locate a internship opportunities in a variety of industries via Purchase JobScore.  For detailed information on student internship eligibility, restrictions and guidelines, please visit our Internship Guidelines page or contact Tara Blackwell Malone our Assistant Director/Internship Coordinator.

The Academic Internship Learning contract is now completed/approved on-line through Purchase JobScore.  Faculty Sponsors will receive the email “Academic Internship Learning Contract Approval Required” to access the online Learning Contract (without having to log into Purchase JobScore.)  The Faculty Sponsor will review the information provided by the Student and Internship Site Supervisor and select/describe the academic project type. It is stressed to students that they need to secure a Faculty Sponsor before submitting an Internship Learning Contract.

Faculty will also be provided with account information and directions to log into Purchase JobScore at the end of the semester to view site evaluations of the students they are sponsoring. 

Faculty access has been enabled on Purchase JobScore!  
Faculty can now view/recommend internship and other relevant opportunities to assist in advising students.  As always, the Career Development staff appreciate and count on Faculty and Staff support to refer students to the Career Development Center for more in-depth career counseling/coaching, self- marketing strategies, job & internship search strategies, and professional networking/contact lead development. For full details please view our Faculty User Guide for Purchase JobScore. 

Please view our Guide for Internship Faculty Sponsors to learn more about  sponsoring student internships. 


Referring Students to Career Services

As they begin to explore career options and look for guidance, students often seek out theirfaculty page 22.jpg professors first. Whether they are undecided about majors and careers, unsure about how to market themselves and locate employment, or unclear about how to pursue graduate programs, Purchase College faculty and the CDC staff can work together to help our students.  We realize that through their studies in the Arts, or Liberal Arts and Sciences, Purchase College students cultivate and develop their talents and learn many of their most marketable skills. 
At the Career Development Center, we welcome faculty to refer students to our career counselors at any point that a career-related question arises and they feel additional support services might be useful. Our career counselors work closely with students to address their specific career goals, regardless of the stage of their career planning.  Frequently asked questions include those concerning changes of major, career choices, the internship, part-time job or full-time job search, and techniques for successful networking, marketing themselves as artists or creatives, and interviewing.  

If you find an advisee is in need of career help, feel free to call us directly and we’ll be happy to arrange for them to meet with one of our career counselors.  For referrals to specific staff members, contact ext.6370 and you will be connected directly.


Credentials Management Online: Interfolio.com

Purchase Career Development Center has partnered with Interfolio to streamline the management of the credentials services. Interfolio is well established as the nationally recognized online credentials management service for candidates applying for graduate and pre-professional study or academic positions.

Through its partnership with Interfolio, the Career Development Center provides the Purchase College community with a state-of-the-art online credentials service that securely streamlines, simplifies, and speeds up the credentials and portfolio process for everyone.  Those with credential files have either elected to transition to this service and have their files transferred or they have registered for Interfolio.com and may now request that faculty write and post their letters of recommendation via Interfolio.com.

Further Details on Interfolio

For additional information on writing letters of recommendation, please refer to the following articles from the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE):


Referring Employers & Internship Sponsors

The Career Development Center serves as the information "hub" for employment and internship opportunities. Faculty can support the educational advancement and or/future employment of students by referring eligible employers and internship sponsors to the Career Development Center, or by posting their own job opportunities on our on-line system: Purchase JobScore.

How to Post Your Own Job / Internship Position

Purchase JobScore is the free, on-line job posting site for Purchase College, developed in association with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)

To post a job or internship position, simply visit the Employers Purchase JobScore section of the Career Center website and select “Create Your Employer Account” to create your own account on the system. Once online, you can post, edit, or delete any positions you wish to share with students.

How to Refer an Employer

If you know of industry professionals who may be interested in sponsoring an internship opportunity for Purchase Students, you may refer them to Tara Blackwell Malone, Assistant Director/Internship Coordinator with the Career Development Center.

If you have an employer contact who wishes to post a job opportunity, or has an interest in meeting with Purchase College students, you can connect them with the Career Center by referring them to Jessica Mazzia, Assistant Director/Employer Services with the Career Development Center.  For additional assistance and support, please reach out to Wendy Morosoff, Director of the Career Development Center.

NACE Article: Can a Career Center/Faculty Prescreen Candidates for an Employer?


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