Data-Informed Situation Analysis

February 2014

Meeting Dates: February 17, February 24

The development of enrollment strategies will require a SWOT analysis that identifies current strengths, current weaknesses, projected opportunities, and projected threats. A successful SWOT will allow Purchase to develop strategies that take full advantage of identified strengths and opportunities, manage weaknesses and threats, and turn one or more weaknesses into opportunities for improvement. For this exercise, the SEPW will use the following definitions for each SWOT element:

Strengths: Existing characteristics (programmatic, physical, and financial) that clearly contribute to institutional success and the achievement of enrollment goals.

Opportunities: External factors that have the potential to be developed into strengths.

Weaknesses: Existing characteristics that detract from institutional success and the achievement of enrollment goals.

Threats: Potential external conditions that could become obstacles to institutional success and achievement of enrollment goals.

As part of the discussion connecting data with our current state, SEPW will compare its strengths and weaknesses to primary competitors.

Upon review of the SWOT analysis, SEPW will collectively pull themes from the data to create a current situation analysis. For the SEPW, the situation analysis will become a narrative that communicates the current state and the challenges to reach the desired future state. This exercise will illuminate the need for change, priorities for action, and current activities to be continued or enhanced. Our situation analysis should use data to make statements of fact and sway the campus from unsupported decisions.

Additional steps:

  • Compare SWOT to data collected to determine need for additional information
  • Committee members conduct outreach to campus to share findings
  • SEPW will break into subgroups that focus on the strategic directions we identify


The Planning Process

sep blue.jpgPreparation
(August 2013 - January 2014)

sep green.jpgData-Informed Situation Analysis
(February 2014)

sep ltblue.jpgStrategy Development
(March 2014)

sep ltgreen.jpgAction Plan Development
(March 2014 - April 2014)

sep orange.jpgPrioritization of Strategies and Actions
(May 2014)

sep purple.jpgEnrollment Goal Setting
(June 2014 - July 2014)

sep red.jpgPlan Evaluation and Modification