School Of Natural & Social Sciences
School of Natural & Social Sciences

Degree programs in the School of Natural and Social Sciences give students an appreciation for the complex relationships that exist among scientific systems of inquiry (economic, mathematical, physical, political, psychological, and social). Our students learn to think independently, communicate effectively, do serious research, and use community resources. Our faculty members encourage learning by doing in both the lab and the field. This hands-on philosophy culminates in the senior year, when each student completes a year-long research project under the close supervision of a faculty mentor.

The Purchase College School of Natural and Social Sciences thanks Robert and Edith Fehr, John and Jeanette Ambroseo, Lucille Werlinich, the Joseph and Sophia Abeles Foundation, Con Edison, the National Science Foundation (Grant #0524965), and Sigma Xi: The Scientific Research Society for their financial support of student research projects.

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The most beautiful 
thing we can experience 
is the mysterious.
It is the source of 
all true art and science.
– Albert Einstein 

School of Natural & Social Sciences